Our Seniors

Jessica Amalraj

6 years with Cantabile
Carnegie Mellon

I’ve sung with Cantabile for the past six years, and it has meant the world to me. Throughout the course of my high school career, Monday rehearsal has been the place where I can destress, refresh, and make amazing music with talented singers. Over the years I’ve learned so much about musicality and theory. But more than that, Cantabile has taught me how I should carry myself, along with many other life lessons. The thing I love most about Cantabile is the diverse repertoire we sing. Elena puts her heart and soul into every single piece we work on, and inspires her singers to do the same. Through each visiting musician I’ve learned the intention and purpose of each artist. The dedication we put into interpreting a piece makes performing it an inspiring experience. One highlight of my Cantabile experience was our first concert in Italy, when we genuinely connected with an Italian audience while singing one of their folk songs.