Our Seniors

Helena Oft

9 years with Cantabile
Georgetown University

Cantabile Youth Singers, I am eternally grateful to you for allowing me to embrace and build my passion for music over these last nine years. The sense of community I have found among those of you I have grown up with, from my puny Intermediate-self to the proud Vocalise member I am today, has allowed me to share my dedication to music with people who are equally driven to learn and perform. To Elena Sharkova I owe my good posture, my appreciation for mind and body wellness, my spirituality and an understanding that music is a shared experience which communicates ideas far better than I could ever write them. Never have I met a person whom I respect and fear to the same degree, and it has been my great admiration for Sharkova and our senior members that pushes me to rehearse, even if a piece isn’t my favorite. You all have given me so many memories that I will take with me to Georgetown University, where I hope to continue performing music I love, to help me summon the professionalism (“don’t touch your face!”) and intensity I will need. Thank you for everything.