Our Seniors

Gwen Howard

9 years with Cantabile
USC’s Thornton School of Music

I do not have enough space or time to fully describe what Cantabile has given me over my nine years. There aren’t very many youth organizations that provide their students with the challenges, opportunities, and community that Cantabile does. Few high school seniors will graduate being able to say that they performed in Carnegie Hall or collaborated with the Kronos Quartet and Ryan Gosling. By this July, I will have sung with Cantabile on two continents, six countries, and dozens of cities. I will have shaken hands with some of the world’s most prominent composers and conductors. I will have directed rehearsals and performances. Most importantly, though, I will have made a jumpstart towards my future. As my introduction to professional music-making, Cantabile taught me what it meant to be a musician. I know now that music is more than notes and rhythms in time. It is a language and a culture that I have the privilege and honor to present every time I perform. This fall, I will leave to study music, taking the spirit of Cantabile with me with every class I take, every song I learn, and every concert I perform. To me, there is no greater gift than the gift of opportunity, and that is exactly what Cantabile has given me. Thank you, Cantabile!