Our Seniors

Daphne Chen

9 years with Cantabile
Northeastern University

Cantabile is more than just a community; it is a way of life. When I walked into Parish Hall for the first time as a third grader, I was intimidated by the passionate and knowledgeable individuals, many of whom had more experience in singing than I did. Little did I know that being surrounded by my peers and directed by the one and only Elena Sharkova was the best thing that could have happened to me. Within the past nine years, I have learned that music is more than notes on a page. It is a language and a culture meant to be shared and be inspiring to others. I am eternally grateful for everything Cantabile has given me: musical knowledge, memories to cherish, lifelong friends, the practice of discipline, and a myriad of opportunities. As a senior, I will be leaving as a curious, compassionate and courageous individual, who understands the importance of being a part of a creative community. Thank you, Cantabile!