Our Seniors

Claire Tang

4 ½ years with Cantabile
University of Southern California

Although I’ve only been a part of Cantabile Youth Singers for a short four and a half years, but these few years have provided me with a lifetime of knowledge. From festivals with Stephen Hatfield to tours in Italy, I will dearly miss all of the treasured moments that I’ve shared with this choir while I pursue Human Biology at the University of Southern California. Cantabile has introduced me to some of my closest friends and has created some of the most impactful and memorable experiences of my life. Elena Sharkova’s guidance has allowed me to grow as a leader and find my voice. While her job as a conductor is to teach students how to interpret choral music, she has incorporated valuable life lessons within the choral curriculum that I will surely remember forever. I’m grateful to have worked with a talented woman like Elena and to have spread the joy of music through being a part of this loving community called Cantabile.