Our Seniors

Ariana Tindall

6 years with Cantabile
High Schools: Palo Alto

I’ve been in Cantabile 6 years now and have nothing to regret. Through the ups and downs of life choir has always been a constant, and I will miss it dearly when I go to UC Santa Barbara to pursue psychiatry. Cantabile is a community of people who love singing, and it wasn't until I joined that I realized how much I needed that community in my life. Of course, a children’s choir on its own is nothing without a conductor, and in my case I was blessed with the best. Elena doesn't only teach us how to read and interpret music; she teaches us how to live, which I think is one of the best qualities a teacher can have. She teaches us to live with dignity, but most of all she teaches us empathy. Elena always looks to history when interpreting a piece and has her students essentially try to live a song’s length in that person’s shoes. She has broadened my scope of the world and taught me a plethora of lessons I will hold on to forever.