Our Seniors

Anna Wright

10 years with Cantabile

Over the last decade, Cantabile has shaped who I am more than any other institution or experience. As a music student, I’ve learned from world-class professionals and performed in renowned venues. As a member of society, I’ve received exposure to a wide variety of cultures, languages, and social issues. As a member of a secular household, I’ve learned to use music and mindfulness to achieve human connection and the kind of spiritual well-being that people seek from more traditional religious practices. For these experiences, I cannot say enough thanks to the inspiring and passionate Elena and Jace, my enthusiastic and talented fellow singers, and the other devoted members of the Cantabile community.

So many colorful memories come to mind when I think of my time with Cantabile. Laughing as Italian audience members rushed the stage to join us in song. Coming up with skits during retreat. Watching the Pride Parade on the streets of Dublin.Taking hamboning lessons from Unique Derique. Demonstrating yoga exercises to choral professionals in Barcelona. Receiving lectures from Jace and Elena on how to pull off the necessary attitude for “Tembandumba.” Marching for gun control with Cantabile singers on University Ave. Singing Christmas carols in retirement homes. Throwing fake snowballs to our holiday audience. As the spring of my senior year approached, there were more exciting experiences on the horizon for us, including a world premiere, a 25th anniversary spring concert at Bing Concert Hall, and an appearance at the World Symposium on Choral Music in New Zealand. Then COVID struck. Despite our disappointment, Cantabile quickly came together through Zoom sessions and virtual performances, and the passion and sense of connection that are at the core of what Cantabile stands for prevailed even at a distance. I am so proud of Cantabile’s strong spirit, and I hope I’ll carry it with me wherever I go in the future. I’ll miss you, Cantabile!