Our Seniors

Alissa Bernstein

5 years with Cantabile
Occidental College

I have been in Cantabile for the past 5 years and have learned countless things about the importance of vulnerability and openness in communication because of it. I have learned to allow myself not only to make others feel comfortable, but also to become vulnerable myself. Through opening myself up to the 65 other kids I sing with once a week, I can honestly say that because of this choir, I have become the strong and confident woman I have always hoped to be. I have become more confident in leading, more conscious of allowing others to lead me where needed, and have become a much more emotionally open person. These life skills have not only helped me develop throughout high school, but will certainly help me continue to grow and learn as an incoming student at Occidental College. I am eternally grateful for the lessons Elena has taught me, and I can only hope I will someday be able to do the same for others.