Our Seniors

Albert Didde

One season with Cantabile
A Beka Academy

Although my time at Cantabile has been very short compared to many others, I have definitely enjoyed my time here. Having a community like Cantabile was more than I could have asked for. It was amazing to see and feel the unity that music can bring. I was surprised to see how much better we individuals were together. Performing together was a lot of fun as well; it was awesome to just drown in the music and be part of the group. One of the highlights of my week was Tuesday rehearsals with Bravi. It was great to be in a relaxed environment in the midst of an otherwise stressful year. For seniors in particular, high school can become pretty stressful what with college applications, various coursework, entrance exams and myriad of essays – an experience I am very familiar with. Bravi definitely made it easier to deal with these situations. Going forward, I will carry the memories and friendships I have made at Cantabile with me throughout my learning career and beyond.