Our Seniors

Aaron Pelavin

7 years with Cantabile
Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin

I have learned many things since I first joined Cantabile in 6th grade. I have listed them semi-chronologically, saving the more profound ones for last:- The world does not revolve around me, the world revolves around the person waving their hands. Reading music is hard, but listening is helpful; your hard work will pay off. There will always be other people to support you. You can be a part of something larger than yourself and find people that you fit in with at choir. Russians in stilettos seem scary, evaluations are scarier, changing voices are scariest! Singing alto is hard. Cantabile will have Bravi! Evaluations are still scary. Being the oldest person in Ensemble is not fun but people born in the 21st century do not bite, I can make friends with the Children of the 21st Century! I can be a positive role model and I can prove my worth by becoming said positive role model. Proving my worth leads to the Promised Land of Vocalise. I miss my Children of the 21st Century as much as I missed those that reached the Promised Land before me. Evaluations + Hypothetical Questions= scariest thing imaginable. Russians with stilettos are fond of Eastern philosophy. Cantabile will be SATB, Bravi is full of Lucky Fellas. Always take the word “never” with a grain of salt. I love singing. Music is a force for positive change in the world. Music is passionate sound. Nothing is permanent, childhood is fleeting, and all things must pass. Cantabile is my home.