Our Seniors

Aaron Lee

1 year with Cantabile
Taking a gap year and then attending the University of Pennsylvania

Singing with Cantabile has had a huge impact on how I sing both technically and thoughtfully. It wasn’t until I joined Cantabile that I learned the amount of technique, dedication, and collaboration that singing in an ensemble demands. Working with Jace and the talented men of Bravi for the past nine months has greatly expanded my awareness as I learned to fit in my role as a bass while being conscientious of other parts and how we complement each other. Both Jace and the singers of Bravi played a great part in my development by welcoming and helping me refine small technical details that I had previously overlooked. I only wish I’d joined Cantabile years ago so I could be a part of this amazing community of singers for longer. Performing under the conducting of Jace and Elena has also allowed me to find meaning and purpose in the music that we sing, inspiring me to make each performance the best that it can be and to continue pursuing singing in an ensemble in the future. For all of this, the opportunity to work with so many great and talented young singers, and so much more, I can’t thank Jace, Elena, Bravi, and Cantabile enough.