Past Graduates

Kira Sze

2 ½ years with Cantabile
Yale University

I am so grateful for everything Cantabile has given me these past two and a half years: a broader appreciation of diverse musical styles and cultures, a deeper understanding of music theory, a confidence in myself as a singer and performer, and most importantly, lifelong friends whom I will always hold close to my heart. Walking into Parish Hall for the first time, I found myself surrounded by people as young as thirteen, casually throwing around terms like “phrygian modes” and “sforzandos.” (In contrast, my knowledge of solfege was based entirely on The Sound of Music). I was overwhelmed, to say the least. Despite the dramatic disparity between their abilities and my own, the entire choir welcomed me into their community whole-heartedly. During the first semester, I never sang much louder than pianissimo. But I slowly learned—by watching hands throughout the choir flick upwards every few bars in acknowledgment of errors—to make my own mistakes with confidence. As Elena told us, “Make your mistakes loudly, and then you won’t make them again.” Thank you Elena, and every singer in Vocalise, for this lesson and so many others. I hope to continue to make mistakes confidently in the years to come.