Past Graduates

Jessica Feinberg

six years with Cantabile

Just before seventh grade began, I stood in a Cantabile room, heart racing, auditioning for Elena. The peak of my terror occurred when she began to check my theory and I realized, with horror, that in my panicked rush I had misidentified each interval by one – a fourth was marked as a third, and a first and unison were somehow different. I watched a red pen saturate the test and was absolutely convinced this audition was to be the start and the end of my choral career. Miraculously, Elena saw past that deficiency and I entered Cantabile a shy 12-year-old that bears little resemblance to the loud, confident person and musician I am today. After six years, I can look back and reflect upon how wonderful the experience of being in Cantabile has been for me. The choir itself is incredible, giving me a community that has lasted for years, and music – a language shared by the world – opened doors for me I had never known were closed. I have made countless friends through these choirs, and felt the joy of hours of effort paying off when the choir snaps into the “pocket of the sound.” Elena opened my eyes to worlds beyond mine, and we constantly delved into pieces’ histories, exploring myriad religions and cultures. There were days when I felt I was learning more about the world during the short hours I spent at Cantabile than during entire weeks at school. I will forever be impressed by the ability of music to open windows to both the entire world and one’s entire self, and I graduate Vocalise and Aria completely changed for the experience of singing in this organization.

Good luck at Smith College, Jessica!