Past Graduates

Ethan Van Steenburgh

Ten years with Cantabile

I started Cantabile 10 years ago as a Preparatory student. Of course back then there wasn't Prep one, two and three, only one level of Prep. At that age, it was still easy to keep up with the girls even though I’m male. I continued to Intermediate the next year, under the guidance of Mr. Troll. I was consistently an alto two at this time, always getting to sing the harmony and had learned all about solfege, intervals and other parts of music theory. I was in Intermediate for 4 years, and eventually graduated to Ensemble. While everyone was supposed to have learned to sight-read by this time, I was a little behind. Due to my fast promotion from Ensemble to Vocalise, I missed out on much of the intense music theory training available in Ensemble, so my first year of Vocalise was VERY hard. It was good for me though, because it pushed me to learn to sight-read and catch up on theory. As the next five years progressed, I went from being behind everyone to being a leader, and later started to make arrangements for my school choir and a bass quartet that I am a part of. Even though I can no longer hit any of the notes I used to, I am leaving Cantabile with a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I have improved so much as a singer and overall musician.

All the best at California State University, Chico, Ethan!