Past Graduates

Diana Zhou

Five years with Cantabile

o a small, weak-voiced eighth-grader, Monday Vocalise rehearsals started as a terrifying experience for me. I constantly felt like I had something to prove and that everyone was learning and excelling at a presto pace, while I was at a pathetic largo. As groups of seniors left each year, I slowly but surely developed as a singer and musician. Cantabile has taught me about far more than just music. It has inspired in me a love of culture, history, art, literature, and every other aspect of humanity that music touches. Like Elena once said, “We don’t just sing songs. We explore humanity through music.” When I am dead tired during rehearsal and groaning about doing push-ups before singing, it is often too easy to forget what it first felt like to step into Cantabile. Aside from the initial fear, I was so pleased that I had a conductor who was so passionate about music and singing, and I was completely astounded and inspired by Elena’s speeches. When I leave this fall, I will sorely miss the absolute magic of Aria rehearsals and how we always manage to get everything done despite making too many jokes and spending too much time laughing. Aria has been the best example of teamwork and camaraderie that I have ever encountered, and I will miss being around these extremely talented people that I truly admire. Cantabile has meant so much to me these past years, and I only hope that all Cantabile singers can have an experience at least half as wonderful as mine has been.

We wish you all the best at the University of Pennsylvania, Diana!