Past Graduates

Danielle Man

“It was 2:00 AM and the sun was shining brightly on the 2009 Baltics Tour when I was rudely awakened by a phone's frantic ring. I soon realized that all 55 Cantabile members had left for the airport and my roommate and I were about to be stranded in Russia. With Cantabile I have had many adventures, from speeding over St. Petersburg bridges trying to catch a plane to singing in Carnegie Hall. I've made many amazing friends with whom I've driven aimlessly through streets and shared many delicious frozen yogurts. I will never forget the feeling of belting the Estonian national anthem with 300,000 other people or keeping time with Kronos. Cantabile has taught me how to be passionate about something and for that I'm grateful. So goodbye to my wonderful friends (and Elena's wonderful fashion), I will miss you dearly and I know that you have a fantastic future ahead of you. Now I have a plane to catch.”