Past Graduates

Caroline Wheeler

Thirteen years with Cantabile

I cannot remember a time when Cantabile wasn't a part of my life. Starting out as a wiggly, hair-twisting five year old, I have marked my growth towards adulthood by my promotion into the more and more advanced levels of Cantabile. I have learned so much from each of my directors over the past thirteen years—not only how to sing beautifully, but also more intangible lessons as well, such as the thrill of exploring a passion and the importance of true friendship. Through international tours and the wide repertoire, Cantabile has introduced me to sounds, traditions, and people from all over the world. Although I will soon be leaving the Bay Area and my childhood behind, I will never forget the experiences I have had in Cantabile. From being stranded in a Russian hotel to the annual retreats at Camp Jones Gulch, to the joy that always accompanies performing in St. Joseph’s Cathedral every December, to simply showing up to Monday rehearsals and being greeted by smiling faces—Cantabile, and all the people I've met there, have meant so much to me. Thank you for instilling in me a lifelong love and commitment to music.

Caroline, good luck at Carlton College!