Past Graduates

Caitlin Nuckolls

Three years with Cantabile

Unlike most of the other seniors, my Cantabile journey has been quite short. This is my third year in Vocalise, after discovering Cantabile while looking for an alternative to the school choir. I've sung in choirs all my life, finding that it complements my solo career very well. The community shocked and intimidated me when I first joined; singers had known each other their whole lives. Yet I was quickly and warmly welcomed, and soon felt like I had been singing here all my life. The friends I have made have already supported me through so much, and it is astounding to think that music was what brought us all together. I honestly feel that Cantabile has given me lifelong connections, and even provided me with a relationship that has thrived for over two years. Elena Sharkova has touched me more than any other director in my life; her ramblings and struggles with American colloquialisms only enhance the deep passion for her art that is so apparent. She has provided a nurturing environment in which I have grown as both a choral and solo performer. She constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me solos and pieces that expanded my abilities beyond things I could achieve in private lessons. College is another step for my career, and as I continue my path through music I will never forget my wonderful family here at Cantabile.

All the best at the New England Conservatory, Caitlin!