Past Graduates

Andrew Briggs

Seven years with Cantabile

Cantabile has been an absolute pleasure over the past seven years. It has truly been an honor to sing with such a talented group of musicians and to work with such a wonderful artistic staff. When I first came to Cantabile I could neither have dreamt that I would be given so many opportunities, nor that I would forge such lasting friendships under its auspices. From singing at Carnegie Hall and performing with the Kronos Quartet, to travelling around the world on tours, Cantabile has never failed to amaze me at every turn. It seems strange to consider the inevitable - that come next fall, I will not know exactly where I will be each Monday evening. Yet, it is a great comfort to know that the community we have built here is one that will continue, and with luck will mean as much to future choristers as it has done to me.

All the best at the University of Washington, Andrew!