Cantabile Youth Singers brings world-class artistic excellence in vocal music instruction to the youth of Silicon Valley by creating a supportive, enriching choral community for all, fostering the innate beauty, talent, and individual freedom of expression within each singer and engaging them in performances of the highest caliber.

There is ample evidence that singing together in a choir is a positive developmental experience for children. Choral singing and its older progenitors: tribal singing, group rituals and religious chanting are part of the human experience through time. The experience of singing in a group helps children learn the valuable skills of cooperation, teamwork, self-esteem and a sense of self in the larger context of community. Their own skills and talents are acknowledged as contributing to a larger effort than just themselves. This prepares children to be active and engaged world citizens and community leaders who focus on issues and needs that are for the greater good. Their performances teach them how valuable their talents are to bring people together to appreciate music and song and to the sense of community that is created by being part of a larger whole: both as a performer and an audience member. This experience of the collective is revolutionary in a time when the movement of education and social media is toward individualism; we create community around beauty and art and interpersonal connection. Singing in Cantabile allows kids to participate in a larger context and to reap the rewards of accruing skills and talents and sharing those gifts with their audience.