Vocalise Rehearsal Blog

April 7, 2016

April 4, 2016/Rehearsal #12

Dear Vocalise Singers, We only have four more rehearsals until your concert! In the blog this week, you will find a list of the music we will be learning for the your concert and the All-Choir Concert. Please spend your time reviewing all of these pieces and ensuring they are getting ready for performance. Announcements and Assignments   Please continue […]
March 31, 2016

March 28, 2016/Rehearsal #11

Dear Vocalise Singers, The blog this week is a bit different. Instead of a rundown of rehearsal, it is a chart that details what you will be singing at the Festival and with Maestro Escalada. Please use it as a guideline for your practice in preparation for Friday and Saturday! Announcements and Assignments     This Week is the Clinic […]
March 23, 2016

March 21, 2016/Rehearsal #10

Dear Vocalise Singers, You are taking a leap forward with ever-more challenging repertoire and exciting experiences ahead. Next week is our last rehearsal before the Friday clinic with Maestro Escalada! Keep up the work at home. Announcements and assignments Next Week is the Clinic with Maestro Escalada and the Festival. Your schedule is as follows:   Friday, 4/1–Clinic with Maestro […]
March 21, 2016

March 14, 2016/Rehearsal #9

Dear Vocalise Singers, We have three weeks of intense Latin American music in front of us before Maestro Escalada comes to join us. Enjoy this process of immersing yourself in this vibrant and amazing music!   Assignments     Please continue to practice alignment – breath – movement sequences as Elena assigned. These practices should be 10-12 min or longer, […]
March 9, 2016

March 7, 2016/Rehearsal #8

Dear Vocalise Singers, Congratulations on your wonderful ACDA performance and a successful recording session! It was wonderful to celebrate this milestone for Cantabile and reflect on our experience. We are forging ahead with new repertoire this week, preparing full-speed for the Festival on April 2nd and the spring concerts! Assignments   Please continue to practice alignment – breath – movement […]
February 20, 2016

February 8, 2016/Rehearsal #6

Dear Vocalise Singers, ACDA is coming up quickly (you can check out the website for the conference here)! Your focused and detailed work in rehearsals continue to make pieces sparkle and shine with musicality, expressiveness, and beauty. Announcements:   There is no rehearsal next week! This does not mean there is no practicing next week! Please continue to refresh all […]
February 4, 2016

February 1, 2016/Rehearsal #5

Dear Vocalise Singers, You are doing an amazing job getting down to the minute details and polishing these pieces to an artistic shine. It is hard, but incredibly rewarding work, and you are doing it well. Keep it up! Announcements:   Elena assigned all singers to practice the sequence of   “moment of stillness –alignment — breath — movement — […]
January 30, 2016

January 25, 2016/Rehearsal #4

Dear Vocalise Singers, What fun it was this week to sing with and hear Alexa and her band! Thank you for your flexibility and work as we accomplished a lot of different things in a dynamic rehearsal.   Announcements:   Rehearsal next week is normal–the recording session has been rescheduled for Monday, 2/29. You can check the online calendar for […]
January 20, 2016

January 18, 2016/Rehearsal #3

Dear Vocalise Singers, Thank you, once again, for your diligent work! Refining and polishing repertoire takes so much focus and requires being very detail-oriented. It is really difficult, and you are doing an admirable job. Keep it up! Announcements:   Elena assigned all singers to practice the sequence of “moment of stillness –alignment — breathing — movement — meditation” three […]
January 15, 2016

January 11, 2016/Rehearsal #2

Dear Vocalise Singers, Please be sure to read Elena’s wonderful email from Monday night — it is copied at the end of the notes. You are off to a great start this semester with many amazing things to come! Announcements:   You have been asked to practice the alignment — breathing — meditation sequence three times per week, 15 min […]