September 16, 2015/Rehearsal #4

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September 29, 2015

September 16, 2015/Rehearsal #4

Dear Ensemble singers,

Thank you for an energetic and productive rehearsal on Wednesday! Even though it was shortened, we accomplished much, and it was wonderful to see you with your parents as well.

Some reminders from this week:

  1. Please be on time! This is particularly true for those in Musicianship A. We had a lot of stragglers for our 4:30 start time. Each moment is precious! We want to use every one!
  2. Remember the first rule of Cantabile: no talking in rehearsal! This ensures we are extending kindness to everyone and using each moment of rehearsal effectively.
  3. Please be sure to read this blog all the way through and use the action items (below) as a guide for your practice!

Action Items for Next Week:

  • Review solfege signs using the sheet in folder: memorize all of them!
  • Memorize “I Will Sing” for next week
  • Review and Learn Very Well:
    • My Lord, What A Morning (focus on Page 6)
    • Like a Stream (all memorized for the retreat)
  • Listen to the recording of Hanget Soi and Write in Solfege for Letter A (bottom of page three to Letter B in the middle of page four). If you followed the instructions last week, you have already done this!
  • Complete Musicianship Assignments as outlined on your schedule and below

Rehearsal Review:

We began with two solfege warm ups in canon. If you are still working on memorizing your solfege syllable and handsigns, practice at home. Take 30 seconds every day to sing and sign a scale, and you will get it quickly.

We also highlighted Mary and Inga this week! More to come next week.

I Will Sing With The Spirit

We worked on the final section and worked on getting it prepared for memory next week. While you are practicing at home, move! We made up some movements for the different phrases, and will review them next week, when you will no longer need music and can move more freely. Use them while you practice as well. Be prepared to sing this in small groups on 9/23.

We are singing a lot of English choral music this semester (Two John Rutter pieces and the forthcoming Henry Purcell piece). What group has existed for 1,000 years(!) and is the official choir for English and British royalty?

My Lord, What A Morning

We divided into four parts and worked on page six (“You will hear the sinner cry”). You did an excellent job reading, and it made me even more excited to move on to the next section next week. If you have any questions about what part you sing, please ask me!

A word about voice parts: I know there are several of you who are singing new parts this year, perhaps something you have never sung before. This may be a bit uncomfortable or strange at first, but you are there for a reason! Take this as a challenge and enjoy learning a new part, standing in a different place, and getting to know a new section. You can make a new friend! You will learn excellent part holding skills and improve your musicianship as well. If you are physically uncomfortable or in pain, please let me know and we will discuss it.

Hanget Soi

We did not rehearse this on Wednesday, but we will next week. Attached to the blog this week is a recording of a Finnish speaker saying the text. Please listen to it and get ready to learn some of a new and exciting language.

The answer to the mystery question is The Chapel Royal. Established in the 11th Century, this group has been a part of the royal household for a very long time. It has had many homes, but currently resides in St. James Palace and sings often at Westminster Abbey. Henry Purcell was a member of this group, which consists of 6 adult men and 10 boys, and they sang at the Royal Wedding in 2011. If you think your choir uniform is dated (which, of course, it isn’t), they still wear the same outfits originally designed for them in the 1600s. Stay tuned for a picture on Wednesday!


General Musicianship Notes:

Please be sure you are going back and making all corrections Gwen asks you to make!

Musicianship A

We reviewed all intervals in the major scale, sang a song up by fourths, and did some sight singing. Use the sheet I handed out to practice your sight singing at home!

For next week: Complete pages 13-16 of Book III.

Musicianship B

No class this week because of Parent Orientation.

For next week: Complete pages 13-16.

See you all next Wednesday!


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