October 28, 2015/Rehearsal #10

October 26, 2015/Rehearsal #8
October 29, 2015
October 26, 2015/Rehearsal #8
October 29, 2015

October 28, 2015/Rehearsal #10

Dear Ensemble Singers and Families,

We are creeping closer and closer to our concert–only four more regular rehearsals! You are working hard, and we have much to learn. Keep working at home!

Some reminders from this week:

  1. Please be on time!
  2. Please be sure to read this email all the way through and use the chart below as a guide for your practice!
  3. Memorizing Notes: Do not try to memorize all at once–take on a small chunk each day, and then continue to review that chunk and add on. This will help you thoroughly and efficiently memorize anything! Here is a very interesting article about memorizing:
  4. We will be taking a short Musicianship test on 11/11. Below are guidelines for what you will need to know for this test. Read on!

For Next Week:

This should be the status of each piece in your folder for next week. Please practice your music so each piece is prepared to this level for next week. There are some more details in the rehearsal review below.

Piece Status
I Will Sing With the Spirit Memorized Completely!
My Lord, What A Morning Memorized Completely!
Hanget Soi Memorized Completely!
Sound the Trumpet Memorized Completely!
You Got Ta Move! Memorized Completely!
I Wish You Christmas Memorized Completely!
Durme Durme Memorized Completely!
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Starting soon… (Memorized 11/11)
Give Us Hope Listen to recording (Memorized 11/11)

If there is not a link above for the piece, I have attached a recording and/or practice track at the bottom of the blog. Please use them!

Instead of a mystery question this week, memorize, memorize, memorize!!!

Rehearsal Review:

Durme Durme
We added text together for the whole piece. Excellent work at home!

For Next Week:

  • Memorize!
  • Remember: S2 and A sing the bottom line, S1 sings the top line
  • EXCEPT from measures 44 to 55–then sing the descant!

You Got Ta Move
We worked in sectionals and all together with Elena on style

For Next Week:

  • Please Memorize the whole piece!
  • There are practice tracks at the bottom of the blog for your use. Remember: they are just for practice!

Hanget Soi
This should have been memorized, but was not yet this week.

For Next Week:

  • Please keep working on your memory.
  • At the bottom of the blog is a track with the text in rhythm. Use it to help with memorization work.

General Musicianship Notes:

On November 11th, all Ensemble singers will be taking a Musicianship test during their musicianship class to show what they have learned this semester. Guidelines for what you will need to know are below. It is all covered in the books, and will be reinforced in class.
If you need another resource to study, I recommend musictheory.net. It is a great way to review.

Musicianship A
Test will cover:

  • Intervals–naming and identifying, both written and aural
  • Major key signatures and order of sharps and flats
  • Writing in counts for rhythms in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 with half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes

For next week: Finish book!!

Musicianship B
Test will cover:

  • Naming and writing all major and minor key signatures
  • Short dictation in 6/8

For next week: Finish book!!

See you all next Wednesday!


Additional Tracks:
“You Got Ta Move” Soprano I Practice Tracks

“You Got Ta Move” Soprano II Practice Tracks

“You Got Ta Move” Alto Practice Tracks

“My Lord, What A Morning”

“Hanget Soi” in rhythm

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