October 26, 2015/Rehearsal #8

October 28, 2015/Rehearsal #10
October 29, 2015
October 29th/ Rehearsal # 10
October 30, 2015

October 26, 2015/Rehearsal #8

Dear Vocalise Singers,

Continued wonderful work!

News and Reminders

  • Please, bring your yoga mat to every rehearsal–no more towels!


  • Please continue to stay abreast of the memory schedule and work at home!
  • Read the whole blog for notes about practice for next week.


Remember: As a member of Vocalise, you are responsible for keeping everything we have accomplished so far fresh in your voice and your mind. As you memorize, be sure you are doing so accurately. Continue to review music you have already memorized so it stays with you.

Oct. 26th Rehearsal Review and Practice Guide

Hark, I Hear:

  • Use the “H” of Hallelujah for strength.
  • Treat each “Ha” like a downbeat.
  • Be sure not to scoop in melody line.
  • Sing through vowels. Don’t go too quickly to final consonants (especially “S”).
  • Entrances for refrain in melody are still sloppy.

For Next Week:

  • Ensure good memorization!


  • Be mindful of dynamics.
  • Make sure to do the hard “H” every time you sing “Hvalite”

For Next Week:

  • Prep for memory, due on 11/9


  • Reviewed pitches.
  • We’ll be repeating the C2 section 3 times instead of 2 times. The first time grows from p to mp, then mp to mf, then mf to f.

For Next Week:

  • Please MEMORIZE!


  • Reviewed pitches.
  • Redid divisi on last chord of piece.
  • Be mindful of dynamics.
  • Stay in time at entrance in measure 9.

For Next Week:

  • Ensure you know all pitches and text
  • Start memorizing–it’s never too early!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

  • All choreography and music should be memorized fully by next week. A scan of the piece with my choreography notes is attached to the blog.
  • Thank you Gwen and Nika for helping with the choreography!
  • You can review the choreography here.

I Wish You Christmas

  • Memorized!!
  • If you don’t have it memorized, get it that way quickly

You Got Ta Move

  • Showed off your memory work–and rocked it!
  • Keep reviewing to ensure complete accuracy–you are the example for Ensemble

Give Us Hope

  • Read through for the first time
  • This should be memorized by 11/9
  • You can listen to a recording here.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

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