October 12, 2015/Rehearsal #6

October 21, 2015/Rehearsal #9
October 29, 2015
October 19, 2015/Rehearsal #7
October 29, 2015

October 12, 2015/Rehearsal #6

Dear Vocalise Singers,

Elena had a lovely note for you all about Monday’s rehearsal. I hope you all saw it! If not, I have posted it to the blog so you can read it at your leisure. It is a wonderful reminder of why we all gather to sing and make music together.

News and Reminders

Please, bring your yoga mat to every rehearsal


  • Please continue to stay abreast of the memory schedule and work at home!
  • Read the whole blog for notes about practice for next week.


Remember: As a member of Vocalise, you are responsible for keeping everything we have accomplished so far fresh in your voice and your mind.

Oct. 12th Rehearsal Review and Practice Guide

This week, we spent quite a bit of time on diction. Here is a very useful IPA guide. It covers many sounds, but you can focus on the vowels (they come first).  Use it as you review your diction this week!


  • Had a solid review of the Russian diction
  • Solidified notes worked on dynamic interpretation from beginning to end

For Next Week

  • You must have all notes, rhythms, and diction solid and well-learned

Listen to Elena’s recording of the pronunciation to achieve excellent Russian diction

Your progress on this piece will be checked in class: each small group will be performing for the rest of the choir.


  • Learned Estonian diction

For Next Week

  • Review Estonian (Laney, can you post it as well as a sound file?)
  • Work on getting pitches and text up to tempo


  • Learned Estonian diction
  • Worked on tuning large f-minor chords

For Next Week

  • Review Estonian text with pitch and rhythm (again recording is needed)
  • Listen to this recording of an Estonian Women’s Choir, and listen to their vowels!

Chantez A Dieu

  • Memory Check in the same small groups as for Chesnokov
  • Please ensure that you review all sections of this that were not fully memorized. You should feel comfortable singing it on your own!

You Got Ta Move

  • Reviewed through measure 79, working on feeling the rhythm through “sumo walking”
  • Reviewed measure 112 to the end, focusing on rhythm and syncopation.

For Next Week

  • Ensure that all rhythms and pitches are accurately learned and begin memorization!

Some tips for enjoyable and effective practice:

  1. Treat every piece of music as a source of artistic inspiration, a window into the world and a means to connect with others. What is the story behind? Google the piece — what can you learn about the composition and the text? Search on Spotify (remember, it’s free!) for a good recording and look on youtube. The recordings we send are always good examples we approve.
  2. Go beyond the piece: read about the style, the period, the region, the history, the composer, and the text. Immerse yourself in the style and world of the piece.
  3. Get inspired and bring that to your practice. As you get inspired, reviewing and learning your part is no longer a chore, it is an exciting journey!

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