November 30, 2015/Rehearsal #13

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November 27, 2015
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December 3, 2015

November 30, 2015/Rehearsal #13

Dear Vocalise Singers,

Thank you for two nights in a row of very hard work! The concert is finally upon us. This week’s blog contains notes and reminders for Sunday, so it is in a slightly different format. Read on to prepare!

News and Reminders (many this week–please read them all!!)

  • Holiday Concert — spread the news! Invite your friends, teachers, family!

California Theatre has 1200 great seats — let’s fill them with enthusiastic audience members! How many are coming to see you — five? Ten? 15?!!! Go ahead — make a list, and then invite more! You know

You can buy tickets here!


  • Details about Sunday are below! Please read carefully!
  • Read the entire blog for notes about practice for Sunday


Review Guide for Holiday Concert

[These pieces are in order of what you sing in the concert, including what you do in between. Take note!]

Give Us Hope

  • Please be sure you have it perfectly and accurately memorized to help lead the little ones

[Watch the rest of the first half from the balcony]


[Aria’s Set–Vocalise backstage]

Hark, I Hear

  • Sung from the front of the stage–please be sure your lines are straight and that you are staggered.
  • Slight shadow vowel for GLory
  • As you sing in canon, be the angels from the balcony
  • Alto solo: very legato. Dynamics should ebb and flow with the line
  • “Oohs” under the solo present, but just barely.


  • Review the beginning (p. 3) and the end (p.11) to ensure you know how they are different
  • Be sure that all upward intervals are lifted and that the vowels are closed and properly placed (for tuning)


  • Great in rehearsal!
  • Remember the motion of ringing the bell


  • The melody must be passed from part to part without lagging or slowing–keep in mind the water-bottle passing
  • It should be effortless between parts!


  • Starts right on the heels of Lumi
  • Be prepared to sing the first pitch–think before singing and breathe to prepare
  • Watch closing on “ikka”–not too much
  • Observe the dynamics–pp all the way to fff


  • Now that we have a tempo established, don’t be too manic. Feel the groove!
  • We will have some kind of “artsy” standing arrangement, to be worked out Sunday
  • Be sure you are always singing your part–don’t get too talky
  • Soprano 2s:
    • Be sure you know the difference in text between B1 and B2
    • Watch the rhythm on the different “Pakkanen”s

[Bravi/VTG join]

‘Twas the Night

  • Watch the video (here) if you are unsure of any of the choreography.
  • Eyes up all the time!
  • Performing and storytelling all the time!

[Ensemble joins]

You Got Ta Move

  • Always be in the grove
  • Review any transitions, as needed
  • Soloists, be close to the mic, and don’t move too much
  • Move!!

I Wish You Christmas

  • Review words! We want to be clear what we are wishing.
  • Review when you sing and when you don’t–differences between verses are crucial

[Intermediate and Prep 3 join]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time

  • Help lead those little singers!




Sunday (12/6) Details

Place: California Theater, [Street Address: 345 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113]

Drop off at Artists’ Entrance on Market Street–Curbside Drop Off Only

Morning Rehearsal:

Call Time: 9:00am

Release Time: 11:00am [11:30am for Aria]

Pick Up Location: Pick up at Back Lobby (Market Street Entrance)

Dress: Regular Clothes

Please eat breakfast before this rehearsal!



Call Time: 5:15pm

Release Time: After Concert, in Lobby

Dress: FULL UNIFORM [Formal Concert Uniform]

Please eat dinner prior to arrival!

Per the Family Manual, this Formal Concert Uniform is:


  • Black velvet palazzo pants, hemmed to 1.5 inches from the floor in the shoes that
  • the singer will be wearing for the performance.
  • Black dress tunic
  • Black Character Shoes


  • Black long-sleeved dress shirt
  • Black twill pants, properly hemmed
  • A blue four-in-hand tie
  • Black socks and plain black dress shoes

Further Uniform Instructions:

  • Your uniform should be clean, wrinkle-free, stain-free, and fit properly.
  • Socks and ties are part of your uniform – don’t forget them!
  • Socks and tights should be opaque rather than sheer.
  • Boys shoes should be matte black (not shiny) with no metal buckles or other decorations.
  • Only jewelry issued by Cantabile may be worn for performances. This includes bracelets and watches. Visible body piercings, including earrings, must be removed when the singer is representing Cantabile.
  • Hair should be neatly combed. Long hair needs to be securely pulled back from the singer’s face, in a ponytail, bun or braid. All hair accessories should blend into the singer’s hair color.


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