November 2, 2015/Rehearsal #9

November 4, 2015/Rehearsal #11
November 6, 2015
November 2, 2015/Rehearsal #9
November 6, 2015

November 2, 2015/Rehearsal #9

Dear Vocalise Singers,

We are inching closer and closer to the concert, and your singing continues to be inspiring, artistic, and uplifting. Thank you for all of the hard work you are putting in at home to make rehearsal such a rewarding experience.

News and Reminders (many this week–please read them all!!)

  • Workshop, Concert, and Family Potluck is on Saturday, November 7th!

All details can be found at the bottom of this post.

  • Holiday Concert — spread the news! Invite your friends, teachers, family!

You received three postcards advertising our Holidays with Cantabile December 6th concert. Take them out of your folder and give to your favorite people to make sure they come to the show! Think of all of the friends/family/teachers/coaches you can invite and reach out!

Everyone (excepting singers) needs a ticket. You can by them here!


  • Please continue to stay abreast of the memory schedule and work at home!


The most updated schedule for the remaining rehearsals, events and memorization is attached. Please, print it out and put in the front of the folder: Fall2015RepListVocaliseV3

  • In case you had to miss any of the latests rehearsal when we had memorization tests,

please, record yourself singing the piece(s) you missed and send it to Elena and Laney by mail or Dropbox/Hightail/any other service that can easily deliver sound and video files. If you know of upcoming absences, plan on sending recordings ahead of the rehearsal night. BTW, the reason for your absence doesn’t matter — this is simply the way you make it up.


  • Read the entire blog for notes about practice for next week.


Remember: As a member of Vocalise, you are responsible for keeping everything we have accomplished so far fresh in your voice and your mind. As you memorize, be sure you are doing so accurately. Continue to review music you have already memorized so it stays with you.

Nov. 2nd Rehearsal Review and Practice Guide


  • Rehearsed from memory
  • Worked on the feeling of the memory and duet pairings between parts
  • Discovered a few places where lines were memorized incorrectly: When practicing, go straight to those pesky sections and clean them up for good! Be accurate.
  • Worked a lot on the “B” sections, particularly on accuracy and tuning

For Next Week:

  • Ensure solid memorization!
  • Listen to the Rajaton recording: notice the main tempo, then the slower section and the way tempo whips up back to fast.

Chantez à Dieu:

  • Reviewed to check memory
  • Worked on ending to ensure accuracy


  • Ran through to check notes, rhythms, text, and feel

For Next Week:

  • Memorize! Due  on 11/9


  • Sang through to review
  • Memorize for 11/9 (next week!)


  • Reviewed tuning and pitches at the very beginning

For Next Week:

  • Ensure you know all pitches and text
  • Start memorizing–Due 11/16 (two weeks)

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

  • Reviewed choreography and memory

For next week: KNOW CHOREO COLD!! Be an actor — no poker faces. This one is a real show stopper with great acting, sharp moves, quick transitions and absolutely fabulous singing.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time

  • Sang through for review
  • For next week, make sure your memorization is solid.

Bravo to Gwen and Bravi on your beautiful sing-through of “The Rose.” It is going to be sublime.

Special Note

At the Workshop, you will be providing a lot of leadership to Ensemble and Intermediate singers as well as showing the real Cantabile camaraderie, spirit, joy and discipline.

We rely on you to be absolute stars but in humble and communal way.

In rehearsals, you will be providing excellent support and demonstrate the appropriate discipline.  Please review the pieces below them to be sure you know them well and are ready to lead!

  • You Got Ta Move
  • I Wish You Christmas
  • It’s The Most Wonderful Time
  • Give Us Hope
  • Cantabile Repertoire
    • Imagine
    • Amazing Grace
    • Come and Sing

New Cantabile songs: Hymn to Freedom by Oscar Peterson. Listen to this recording to remind yourself of the tune. YOu learned the song from Will Todd last year. Love is Beautiful This Way – recording here.



Volunteering at the Workshop, Concert and Family Potluck

We still need more parent volunteers to help set up the potluck lunch and clean up afterwards. Please sign up here!

– – –


When: Saturday, November 7

Where: First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto, 625 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto



Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG: 9:30 am Call Time, Sign in and Potluck Drop Off in church parking lot

Parents arrive for concert: 12:00 pm

Concert begins: 12:15

Potluck lunch: 1:00 pm

Our three performing choirs will spend the morning rehearsing their holiday repertoire together. After the rehearsal, parents and siblings are warmly invited to attend a short concert at noon and stay for a potluck lunch at 1 pm.



Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG should wear their black Cantabile t-shirt, smart blue jeans and sneakers. BRING FOLDERS and Water Bottle!

Potluck Dishes

Ensemble, Vocalise/Bravi and VTG Potluck Food Drop-off between 9:30-10:00 am

All food should be brought prepared and ready to serve please. NO NUTS!!!!!! Please bring enough to serve at least 12 people:

Singer’s Last Name A-I: bring Salad, Appetizer or Fruit dish – NO CHIPS OR CHEESE PLATTERS please!

Singer’s Last Name J-R: bring a Main Dish or Entree

Singer’s Last Name S-Z: bring a Dessert

Cantabile will supply all paper products, napkins and cutlery. Please bring your own water bottles & drinks.

Drop off and sign in will take place solely in the church parking lot, the parking lot entrance is on Byron St.

Sign out will take place after the concert in Fellowship Hall – please collect your singer and stand with them in line for the potluck – this will help the lines move much faster and we appreciate your support!


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