What a fantastic 2015-2016 season we have had! I want to thank everyone in the Cantabile community for making this year a wonderful celebration of choral music and for all of your engagement and support with the many rehearsals, classes, concerts and events. Part of what is so special about a choir community is our ability to reach many people and to share beauty and artistry with our surrounding community. This year we performed at many venues in the community, produced three concerts, a Festival and a Gala and had a retreat, potluck and many prep recitals. Including our tour this summer we will reach over 15,000 audience members.

The importance of our expanded reach cannot really be overstated. We are an artistically excellent choir and we are being recognized. Our Vocalise SSA singers performed at the American Choral Director’s Association meeting in Pasadena and were heard by noted, senior professionals in the choral arts world. Elena Sharkova is now a member of the World Choir Council as a United States representative specifically to bring her perspective on the Youth Choral Movement in the United States. Put simply, we have an opportunity to impact the global youth choral movement and to be an active participant in this important cultural movement at a pivotal time.

One aspect of this expansion is our continued recording of our Vocalise, Aria and Bravi ensembles so that we can produce a CD. Professional CD’s are a difficult endeavor that takes time and dedication. We have now collected enough tracks and we are working with two engineers and a graphics team to get the CD made. We hope to release one this Fall and another in the Spring. But we also know how much you all want to have the tracks for your singers NOW! So it is my express pleasure to share with you our current recording session MP3’s for you to listen to and to download. Please keep in mind they are for internal Cantabile use only, please do not post them - so that you can hear the high quality recordings and get an idea of why they are so special and enjoy our singers’ hard work and the beauty of their song.