October 10th 2016/Rehearsal #6

October 12, 2016/Rehearsal #8
October 15, 2016
Thursday October 12th: Rehearsal # 8
October 16, 2016

October 10th 2016/Rehearsal #6

Dear Vocalise,

Great rehearsal last Monday! Keep practicing 🙂

Action Items for next Monday (Reh. 10 of 17)

  1. Practice EVERYTHING with metronome. Memorize tempi for each piece.
  2. Memorization checks on 10/17: Vindo, I thank you God, Pakkanen (competition singers only). Memorization checks are conducted in small groups.
  3. Pakkanen: Elena moved memo date for this piece from 10/31 to 10/17 since it’s impossible to work on choreography with the score in hands.
  4. Alunde Alluia: Watch and listen to this performance from 2012. Learn the piece and choreography
  5. Amavolovolo: practice movement, make it sharp, energetic and authentic
  6. Competition choir: if you wish to audition to the Pakkanen solos, you must do it at the next rehearsal.

Concepts introduced and reviewed:


  1. Internalizing and memorizing tempi for each piece: how to.
  2. Diction: consonant pairs, fricatives, diphthong
  3. Internalization and memorization of dynamics
  4. Connecting with and expressing the text
  5. Matching tone to music style, ie Gospel Style: darker, soulful sound, “sit back” tempo and groove feel. Overall shape of the piece: starting less agitated and building up to exhilaration and ecstatic celebration.


I Thank You God: Tempo, Diction, and Dynamics

To be performed at the Holidays with Cantabile concert and for the Golden State Competition.

  • Do 75% of practice with metronome. Memorize 88, 108 and 120. Practice accelerando and ritardando to start and end with exact tempi.
  • Memorize the dynamics for each phrase: where they start, how they change, and where they end.
  • Make an effort to truly connect with the text that your singing.  Find meaning and purpose in every word of the song and share that with the audience.  It should come through in your face, your words, and your sound.
  • We continued working on word stress in such lines as “I who have died am alive again today” and “I thank you God”.  
  • A reminder there should be no breath or break between “are” in m.62 and “opened” in m.63.  The phrase needs to carry all the way to the downbeat of m. 64.
  • As a reminder, this should be already memorized.

Pakkanen (Competition singers only)

  • This must be practiced with a metronome at 144.  Only when every singer has internalized the correct tempo and feel will this groove together smoothly.
  • Continue learning and memorize your part  
  • Practice your choreography in front of a mirror.  It is just as important as correct notes and words.  
  • Listen to the original recording of Pakkanen by Rajaton.  Listen to how sharp and percussive the language is, and well as how forward their sound is.

Vindo (SATB)

To be performed at the Holidays with Cantabile concert on 12/4

  • Your part was due to be memorized on 10/10. YOU ARE LATE!!!
  • Make sure you know every dynamic marking throughout the piece: where the phrase starts, where it goes to, and where it ends.  The dynamic changes are often sudden, and that’s what makes them exciting!
  • As a reminder, here is the original recording – listen until you get their sound in your ears and in your voice.

Allunde Alluia

This is the opening choreographed number for the Dec. concert (with Ensemble and Intermediate)

  • Have your part by next week – it’s not a hard piece but you need to be clear about repeats and variations.
  • You can watch/listen to this recording of Cantabile singing this in 2012.  Memorize choreography.

Music Down In My Soul (from last week)

To be performed at the Holidays with Cantabile concert and for the Golden State Competition.

  • Practice with metronome, internalize and memorize tempi
  • Listen to this excellent interpretation of the song for sharp articulation, great tempo drive and watch these girls dedication and engagement with the music.
  • As a reminder, this was also due to be memorized by last week (Oct 3rd).  
  • We worked with Lori on getting a more grounded, deeper sound, that’s more authentic to the gospel choirs of the American South.  To do so, we practiced using our hands/arms on words like “soul” to show the depth of sound, and to keep us from rushing too much.
  • During the “Over my head” section, the long notes (“head”) need to swell slightly so that the music keeps moving forward and doesn’t stagnate.
  • In general, we need to “sit back” more and not push ahead too much with the feel of the piece.
  • Remember, this song is suppose to get everyone into a frenzy at the end of the song, not start there are just get louder.  Start this piece softer, but with the same intensity and passion that you sing with, and then let it grow from there.
  • The syncopations are dragging throughout the piece.  Please practice with a metronome so that you can see if you’re rushing (“and it fills”) or dragging (“joy of the Lord”, “everlasting”).  
  • Here is the recording that Cantabile made back in Spring of 2013 to help you practice.



At this point the following pieces should be learned and you should be memorizing them:


  • Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (due Oct 24th)
  • Allunde Alluia (due Oct 24th)
  • Pakkanen (due Oct 31st)


Please refer to the handout for the full schedule of when each piece is to be memorized and performed.

Other announcements and reminders:

  • Potluck Information: Please read the email that went out on Thursday with important information about the potluck!
    • Call Time: 9:30am in the parking lot off of Bryant St.
    • Uniform: Black Cantabile t-shirt, smart jeans, tennis shoes
    • Please also bring: your Cantabile music, pencil, labeled water bottle, and sack lunch.  (Please do not bring your yoga mat.)
    • Pick Up: Approximately 2pm in the Fellowship Hall after the concert
  • Tour to the Crescent City: Registration is now open on the member portion of the website.  As a reminder, we need to register by November 1st.
  • Carpooling:  Please use this spreadsheet to both request and offer carpooling to and/or from weekly rehearsals, events (eg. Retreat) and concerts. The more of our families that use this resource, the more useful it will be to our community. If you can offer a carpool – please add yourself to the list. Thank you!
  • Girls: We are changing the shoe requirement for this year.  Please purchase your new shoes (Capezio Daisy Ballet Flat in black) through Amazon or Capezio asap!

Here’s to another inspired week of music making and practicing!

All our best,

Elena, Jace, and Jazmine

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