November 16, 2015/Rehearsal #11

November 16, 2015/Rehearsal #11
November 22, 2015
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November 24, 2015

November 16, 2015/Rehearsal #11


Dear Vocalise Singers,

Elena had a wonderful note for all of you on Tuesday. Please check your email to read it.

As a personal note from Laney, I was moved to have even a tiny part in the beautiful message you taped for our friends in Paris. My heart had been heavy all weekend with the events there and around the world, and the love that you shared helped me to feel a bit lighter. I can only imagine what it will mean to those for whom it was meant. Thank you for sharing your music and your humanity.

Moving on: there are only TWO more Vocalise rehearsals left (plus a dress rehearsal) until the concert. You are sounding wonderful, and your commitment and hard work are constantly on display as you make amazing music.

News and Reminders (many this week–please read them all!!)

  • Holiday Concert — spread the news! Invite your friends, teachers, family!

California Theatre has 1200 great seats — let’s fill them with enthusiastic audience members! How many are coming to see you — five? Ten? 15?!!! Go ahead — make a list, and then invite more! You know

You can buy tickets here!

  • The most updated schedule for the remaining rehearsals, events and memorization is attached. Please, print it out and put in the front of the folder.
  • If you miss any of the rehearsals when we had memorization tests,

please, record yourself singing the piece(s) you missed and send it to Elena and Laney by mail or Dropbox/Hightail/any other service that can easily deliver sound and video files. If you know of upcoming absences, plan on sending recordings ahead of the rehearsal night. BTW, the reason for your absence doesn’t matter — this is simply the way you make it up.


  • Read the entire blog for notes about practice for next week.
  • In rehearsals, we will be standinging as we will on the stage:


    • Vocalise SSA–in three rows
    • Vocalise SATB–in four rows

Remember: As a member of Vocalise, you are responsible for keeping everything we have accomplished so far fresh in your voice and your mind. As you memorize, be sure you are doing so accurately. Continue to review music you have already memorized so it stays with you.

Nov. 16th Rehearsal Review and Practice Guide

Sectional Work:

Sopranos reviewed memory for:

  • Chesnokov
  • Lumi and Kanarbik
  • Chantez À Dieu
  • Hark I Hear

Altos worked with Elena



  • Be sure not to slow down with the dynamic or when you breathe


Lumi and Kanarbik:

  • Worked on the two as a set (going directly from Lumi to Kanarbik without repitching)
  • Keep the “Ah” vowel deep and the “õ” vowel closed


  • Worked on details for the beginning:
    • Wind noises start by grade:
      • 5 = Seniors
      • 4 = Juniors
      • 3= Sophomores
      • 2 = Freshmen
      • 1 = Everyone
    • Beginning “aa-ee-oo”s
      • 1st time: second row
      • 2nd time: second and third rows
      • Last time: everyone
    • Everyone is wind during the solo
  • Spent time working on the groove, each section found their own small dance
  • Be careful of the B-natural on “kylma”


  • Chantez à Dieu
  • You Got Ta Move
  • I Wish You Christmas (please ensure notes are accurate!!)
  • ‘Twas the Night

For Rehearsal on 11/23

  • All pieces must be memorized!
  • Be prepared to run through anything from the program from beginning to end. That includes:
    • Vocalise SSA:
      • Hark, I Hear
      • Chesnokov
      • Lumi
      • Kanarbik
      • Pakkanen
      • Chantez à Dieu
    • Bravi/VTG
      • Lo, How A Rose/The Rose
      • Go Tell It
    • Combined
      • You Got Ta Move
      • The Most Wonderful Time
      • Give Us Hope
      • I Wish You Christmas


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