March 7, 2016/Rehearsal #8

Week of March 4th/ Class # 4
March 5, 2016
March 9, 2016/Rehearsal #9
March 10, 2016

March 7, 2016/Rehearsal #8

Dear Vocalise Singers,

Congratulations on your wonderful ACDA performance and a successful recording session! It was wonderful to celebrate this milestone for Cantabile and reflect on our experience. We are forging ahead with new repertoire this week, preparing full-speed for the Festival on April 2nd and the spring concerts!



  • Please continue to practice alignment – breath – movement sequences as Elena assigned. These practices should be 10-12 min or longer, and no less than 3 times a week.


  1. Moment of stillness — eyes closed, turning attention inward, reconnecting with all sensations of the body
  2. Slow, smooth, deep and even breath — hands on abdomen, feeling the body expand with inhale and condense with exhale
  3. Align the body by drawing your attention to each part of the body, beginning with feet, finishing with crown of head
  4. Continue with breath/movement flow exercises as practiced in rehearsal

Observe and remember your sensations and feelings at the end of session. The desirable outcome should bring

    • Light, spacious, flexible body — ready for direct experience with self and the world, eager to connect and enjoy, longing to sing
    • Mind curious and open, non-judgemental,
    • Playful, welcoming spirit

This week we spent a lot of time talking about alignment specifically. Keep it in mind during your days!


7 March Rehearsal Review and Homework

Pueblito, mi Pueblo — New piece for the Festival. This is a mass piece — you are helping your choirs


  • We also read through this lush Morten Lauridsen piece and got diction help from Sarah
  • Please, review and learn the French pronunciation and have your part learned solid  
  • Here is a recording of the SATB version with the composer on the piano

Lift Thine Eyes

    • We learned about the form of the Oratorio, a bit about Elijah the prophet, and some about Felix Mendelssohn (all fascinating topics!)
    • We read through this a cappella–good reading!
    • A couple of adjustments to your score:
      • S2: m.28 and 29, your rhythms on the first beat should be dotted, just like the other two parts
      • A: m.34, the second “a” (the eighth note) should be a-sharp
    • Please be prepared to sing this in trios next week! Here is some inspiration.


  • At next rehearsal, find and share an interesting fact about one or more of these topics:


Oratorio as a musical and dramatic genre

The story of Elijah the prophet

Mendelssohn’s life, his music

The story of this oratorio

Missa Criolla

  • We listened to these recordings of the Kyrie and the Gloria, and discussed the feeling of the music. [Here is another recording of the Missa Criolla by the UCLA Choirs]
  • In particular, we discussed the welding of folk music and the traditional form of the mass, and how important this piece is in the canon of Argentine Choral Music.
  • You can read more here about Ariel Ramirez and Missa Criolla
  • Please learn notes and rhythms for next week!


  • We read through this, and got the feeling.
  • Please learn notes and rhythms for next week.
  • Here is a recording by a Puerto Rican choir.


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