Week of September 28, 2015/Class #3

Week of September 28, 2015/Class #3
October 5, 2015
Monday, October 5, 2015/Rehearsal #5
October 7, 2015

Week of September 28, 2015/Class #3

Greetings Prep 3 Families,
My apologies for the tardiness of this blog. Because Prep 3 rehearses so early in the week, you can now expect your rehearsal updates to come on Wednesday mornings, as of next week.
Trivia Question:  From what part of South America comes the popular Christmas song, “Mi Burrito Sabanero?”
Rehearsal Reminders:
  • The first 15 minutes of rehearsal is devoted to musicianship, and reviewing the theory pages you worked on during the week, so arriving 5 min early is always a good idea!
  • If you don’t have time to complete the assignment, do not worry – there is always time to catch up!
  • Please always bring your theory pages, your music binder, and a water bottle
This week, continue to watch and listen to:
  • Memorize “Seasons!”
  • Singing the D major scale in solfege, and also singing through solfege page for “One Little Candle” given to you in rehearsal this week. Please also study the sections which split into 2-part harmony (mm. 19-26) and (mm. 35-end)
  • Look at the attached sheet, which provides the pronunciation for the French words in “J’aime la Galette,” and memorize as much as you can.
  • Study the attached pronunciation guide for Mi Burrito Sabanero, and also read about its interesting history – but please remember that all “v’s” should be pronounced with a soft “b.” 
Rehearsal Overview:  All our songs are off to a great start, and we have really enjoyed moving and singing with you, as we get to know one another as friends and singers. Even in our small groups, it is important to develop a unified sound, so as we continue to rehearse, please listen to those around you, and think about how your voice might blend with theirs to create a nice, consistent sound. You can further work towards this by practicing your vowel warm-up at home, with the corresponding hand-signs:

 [u] (oooh) [o] (oh) [a] (aahh) [e] (as in the word “bend”) [i] (eee)

  sol            fa          mi             re                                     doh

Trivia Answer: El Burrito de Belén” (English: The Donkey of Bethlehem), which the original title is “El Burrito Sabanero” (English: The Little Donkey from The Savannah), is a Christmas song from Venezuela and very popular in Latin America. It was written by the Venezuelan musician and composer Hugo Blanco, and has been recorded many times by many popular artists. 
Have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing you next week!
Katie and Laney


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