Week of September 14, 2015/Class #1

Week of September 21, 2015/Class #2
September 29, 2015
Week of September 21, 2015/Class #2
September 29, 2015

Week of September 14, 2015/Class #1

Greetings Prep 3 Families,

Laney (Monday Prep 3) and I (Tuesday Prep 3) had such a lovely time making music with your children in our first Prep 3 rehearsals! I am very excited to be working with such a talented and enthusiastic group of young singers, and I know we will have a great year in Prep 3 Chorus! For those of you who are new to Cantabile, this email is the start of a weekly blog update which you will receive, in order to keep parents up to date on what we have done in rehearsal, and for parents to share with singers, so they have some points to work on during the week:

Warm-ups:Definitely the most important warm-up was the Vowel Signs, which touched upon five crucial vowel sounds in singing, and how we produce them in a healthful and beautiful way, with a corresponding hand-sign. If you can’t remember the hand signs, do not worry! We will do this every week. Here they are, both sounded out and in IPA, with solfege pitches below, please practice this during the week:

[u] (oooh) [o] (oh) [a] (aahh) [e] (as in the word “bend”) [i] (eee)

sol   fa     mi     re     doh

Please recall our sillier warm-up, too  “Pizza is Great” – sing this throughout the week, and come up with new foods to share with us next week!

J’aime la Galette: This is such a fun song, based upon a children’s French nursery rhyme, all about cake and lovely sweet things! Please study the opening phrases of your music, clapping the rhythm and singing the solfege pitches in class. Can you remember how the “tra-la-la’s” go? Here is a lovely video of the South Bay Children’s Chorus performing this song – watch and listen, and try to get as much the French language as you can! Next week, we will spend more time on pronunciation.

Seasons: This lovely song about the four seasons is off to a great start! My class began by singing the D major scale in solfege, and then finding a recurring section in the song which helped us find our way through the score. Please review this song during the week, and also practice clapping and counting the rhythm of the words. Think of special thing you like to do during each season, and be ready to share this with us next week.

Canons and Partner Songs: This week began with a beautiful canon to our repertoire: “Music Alone Shall Live:” in F major

  1. All things shall perish from under the sky
  2. Music alone shall live, music alone shall live’
  3. Music alone shall live, never to die

This song reminds us that even though certain things come to an end, music shall live forever, in our hearts, and in the world! Remember that this song is in 3/4 time signature, and that we moved to the music in a number of ways: First, to the big pulse on beat 1, then we subdivided by walking to the quarter notes – 1-2-3, 1-2-3 and ending the final phrase with the complex coordination of stomp-pat-clap-snap. Please practice singing this canon and moving as we did in rehearsal- the more we feel the beat and the rhythmic subdivision in our bodies, the more our inner musicality will grow and flourish!

Games: It was so fun to sing and perform the partner dance “Bonjour, les amis.” We will do this again next week so we can share more things about ourselves with our partners! Our other game was “Great Big House in New Orleans.” Keep thinking of your favorite food to add to the song for next week!

Musicianship: You should all have gone home with a 3-sheet music theory packet – these are mostly fun musicianship activities to work on at home – please do your best, and we will spend the first ten minutes of class going over the sheets, and using the xylophones to reinforce what we learned!

Thank you again for a great first week – have a lovely weekend.


Katie and Laney

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