Week of November 13th/ Rehearsal # 10

November 12th/ Rehearsal # 12
November 13, 2015
Week of November 13th/ Class # 10
November 13, 2015

Week of November 13th/ Rehearsal # 10

Greetings, Prep 3 Singers!

Thank you for a focused and great week of rehearsing! We are getting so close to our upcoming performance at Holidays with Cantabile and your own class recitals, so it is important to keep up all the great work you are doing! Note, we have only TWO rehearsals left before our dress rehearsal ON STAGE! Study your music and practice your songs as much as you can!

Please note: All Prep 3 singers must attend our dress rehearsal on Tuesday December 1st from 4:30-6:30 at the California Theater in San Jose. All singers must be in full Cantabile uniform. Please read the SCOOP newsletter carefully for further details.

Trivia Question: In honor of our favorite game “Great Big House in New Orleans,” what is America’s favorite pie?

Action Items for This Week

Invite people to the holiday concert!

You received three postcards advertising our upcoming concert. Take them out of your folder and invite people! Think of all of the friends/family/teachers/coaches you can invite and reach out!

Everyone (excepting performers) needs a ticket. You can buy them here!

This week, continue to listen to these recordings whilst following along in your music:

More action items:

  • Memorize “Circle ‘Round the Moon!”
  • Continue to read through the words of all your music and think about what they mean; what is the message of the song? What images do the words create for you? Please have 2-3 ideas to share next week!
  • Memorize the rest of Mi Burrito Sabanero– continue studying the pronunciation with the Mi burrito sabanero proununciation, and by speaking the text in rhythm while stepping to the beat! Also focus on the little refrain “si me ven, si me ven,” when we sing in 2-part harmony. How secure does your part feel?
  • If you have not done so, memorize J’aime la galette, Seasons, and One Little Candle! Please review theFrench Pronunciation of J’aime la galette, and focus on measures 37-end, when you begin singing in 2-part harmony. Know your part!

 Rehearsal Overview:  All of your songs are sounding great, but it is important to truly ‘own” the music and feel 100% confident of every word, and every note that you sing. Test yourself by practicing all your songs from memory at home, and take note of any sections that you don’t know as well – do not rely upon others to know your part – OWN the music! Please continue to practice in front of a mirror standing with a tall, strong posture, feeling your singers’ breath come in, and starting each of your songs with a beautiful vowel sound. How do you look? Like a performer?

We are also working on a number of different canons which will serve as a big feature in our recitals. Continue to sing through these canons and partner songs at home:

Rooster in the Stew

Ah, poor bird

Ghost of Tom

Hey Ho, Nobody Home

Sweetly the Swan Sings

One Bottle of Pop

Trivia Answer:  Apple Pie! Check out this pie chart (literally) to see how other pies are ranked!

Have a great weekend, and happy practicing!

Katie and Laney

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