Week of February 26th/ Class # 3

February 22, 2016/Rehearsal #20
February 26, 2016
Week of February 26th/ Class # 3
February 27, 2016

Week of February 26th/ Class # 3

Greetings, Prep 3 Families!

Thank you for another great week of rehearsing! Laney and I are so proud of your hard work and enthusiasm, and we are well on our way to learning our Spring Concert music!

We have been busy singing a number of canons, and learning new dances and games, all which highlight the different cultures from which our songs come this semester. Some of these are:

  1. The South African dance, Pata Pata, based upon the famous song by Miriam Makeba.
  2. The traditional Irish Jig, set to the tune of The Irish Washerwoman
  3. El Capitan, a fun song and game set to Spanish text.

This weekend, please sit down with your music, and listen to the following songs:

Kokoleoko and Sarasponda are in 2-part harmony – listen for when the parts split and to what your vocal line is doing! Sing along, and clap the rhythm of your part.

Other items:

  • Your musicianship books are due to turn in this coming week! Please be sure to bring your books to class, with pages 1-6 COMPLETED! You will then have a week off from musicianship homework.
  • You can also have fun watching, dancing, and singing the lovely Guatemalan folksong, Un Lorito de Verapaz.
  • Please also listen to the spoken pronunciation of Un Lorito de Verapaz, which is attached.
  • Please always remember to bring your music binders to class each week!

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Katie and Laney

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