Prep 3 Rehearsal # 2/ Week of Sept. 23rd

September 16-18 – VTG/Bravi Retreat Rehearsals
September 22, 2016
Prep 1 Rehearsal # 2/ Thursday Sept. 22nd
September 23, 2016

Prep 3 Rehearsal # 2/ Week of Sept. 23rd

Greetings, Prep 3 Families,

Thank you for a lovely second week of rehearsals! The children are settling in to our rehearsal routine and expectations, getting to know one another, getting to know me, and we are already making great progress in developing their overall vocal tone and unified sound.

Rehearsal Recap:

  • The children enjoyed greeting each other with the French song and partner dance, Bonjour, mes amis. Each time they acquired a new partner the children had fun sharing a new piece of information about their hobbies and background.
  • The singers went to their chorus rows to work on a number of vocal warm-ups:
  1. Gimme 1,2,3 – such a fun, rhythmic activity – have your child teach you this week!
  2. Tune C on “oooh.”
  3. Flee-Flay-Flah-Floh-Floo
  4.  My Dog Has Fleas (always a big hit!)
  • The children worked on solfege and singing in C major before deriving the rhythm and melody for last week’s canon, Sweetly the Swan Sings. They then sang this in beautiful 2-part harmony. The children then sight-sang a new canon, based upon French text, La Cloche.
  • The singers took turns performing solos in Telephone Song – also a great way to learn names!
  • This activity led as a great segue into our jazzy tune, Scat Cat. The children are picking up this song quickly, with a nice, pure tone and jazzy expression!
  • The children also worked on key sections in the song Velvet Shoes
  • They also started a new song, based upon the French Christmas Carol, Pat-a-Pan
  • The singers had fun learning the dance and folk song, Great Big House in New Orleans.
  • Tuesday Prep 3 also worked on a new canon with movements, Hey, Ho, Nobody Home.

Action Items

Have a lovely weekend!


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