Prep 3 Blog Rehearsal # 8 Week of October 31st

Prep 1 Rehearsal Blog # 8 November 3rd
November 5, 2016
Prep 2 Blog # 8 Week of October 31st
November 5, 2016

Prep 3 Blog Rehearsal # 8 Week of October 31st

Greetings, Prep 3 Families!

We had an action-packed week in Prep 3, with plenty of Halloween and holiday fun, interspersed with important musical concepts and recital preparation. Thank you for continuing to share this blog with your child each week, in order to practice and prepare at home.

Recital Season is Coming! Please Purchase Concert Attire Here:

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Prep 3 Winter Recital and Dress Rehearsal

Featuring Monday and Tuesday Prep 3 Classes in a Combined Formal Concert

Recital: Tuesday December 13th at 5:30 at Foothills Congregational Church, Parish Hall

(call time 5:00)

*Potluck Reception to Follow

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for both Monday/Tuesday Prep 3: Tuesday December 6th

at 5:15 at FCC (no rehearsal on that Monday the 5th)

Attire: Prep 3 Concert Uniform! Please purchase here:

Prep 3 Girls Uniform

Prep 3 Boys Uniform

*Please stay tuned for potluck sign-up in November!

Rehearsal Recap

  • The children improvised and chanted the rhythm of their Halloween costume in Call and Response. Then we played the rhythms in repetition, layering each rhythm one at a time to create polyrhythms. The children were very imaginative in their rhythm creating, and their ability to play together and maintain the steady beat was very impressive!
  • The children played and counted a complex “mystery rhythm,” which included tiri-ti and ti-tiri, before discovering it was a song and game from a few weeks back, Pick-a-Pumpkin. The children played and sang the song on solfege syllables, and took turns coming up to draw in the missing bar lines.
  • Monday’s class celebrated Halloween by playing Pick-a-Pumpkin
  • Tuesday’s class went on to play some fun Thanksgiving Rhythms which were projected on the screen
  • We went on to do some fun Vocal Explorations, led by different children.
  • The singers did two favorite warm-ups:
  1. Mama Made Me Mash with the Hambone body percussion
  2. My Dog Has Fleas, in a minor key
  • Monday Prep 3 reviewed and sang Ghost of Tom in beautiful 2-part harmony with body percussion
  • Tuesday Prep 3 learned the canon Hey Ho, Nobody Home, with body percussion
  • Both classes reviewed the song Velvet Shoes, which is almost memorized and sounding beautiful. They are working hard to create beautiful and tall vowels, with delicate and precise singing.
  • Monday Prep 3 reviewed Minka with motions, and Candles, Candles
  • Tuesday Prep 3 reviewed Lights of Hanukkah with motions, and Zumba
  • Both classes played the fun African-American circle game Little Sally Walker
  • They also sang the Telephone Song, before reviewing African Noel with motions

This week, the singers should continue to listen to all the songs posted on previous blog pages, and they should complete their packet on the major scale and solfege, to be turned in this week. They should also be working on memorizing all their songs, including the dynamic markings, breathing, and cut-offs.

Have a lovely weekend!


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