Prep 3 Blog #5 Week of March 13, 2017

Prep 2 Blog #5 Week of March 13, 2017
March 17, 2017
Rehearsal #10/March 15th, 2017
March 17, 2017

Prep 3 Blog #5 Week of March 13, 2017

Prep 3 – Monday, Jazmine

We started our rehearsal this week continuing our game, “Who Stole The Cookie Jar” – a great way to focus our minds on rhythm, beat keeping, and remembering each other’s names!  Next, we dove straight into warm ups, and had a blast singing “Gimme One” in new languages this week.  We learned a new warm up this week – “Lucky Leprechauns like to leap, leap, leap” – which included some fun new body percussion called the “Hambone”.  

Then, we spent some time working on our solfege and pitch reading skills by decoding “Donnybrook Fair” which they took home in their “St Patrick’s Day Packet”.  If you’re able, I encourage you to finish the rest of the piece and bring it back for me to check next week!

After that, we learned a new piece this week called, “Fly Away Horse”.  This is a beautiful song about a pegasus, and one that we will be singing for our recital on May 15th.  In this song we learned about “D.S. al Coda”, including the D.S. and Coda signs.  These affect the “roadmap” of the piece, including repeating sections and when to jump to the next section etc.  There are some higher parts to this song, so make sure that if/when you practice it at home, you are always singing with your best possible sound.  It’s also in two part harmony, so I’m excited to start learning the additional harmony next week!

Next we reviewed “Thula Kliazeo”, including singing the harmonies.  I was so impressed with the singer’s abilities to learn the new harmonies and sing them in parts so quickly – keep up the good work!  We then spent some time reviewing “We Can Plant a Forest” before the end of rehearsal.  Time flew by this week!

Hello Prep 3 Singers and Families! We had a good rehearsal this week and worked hard! We added on to our music literacy work this week by notating the folk song “Paw Paw Patch” on the staff.  The singers did a really great job figuring out the pitches and rhythms of the song and taking the next step by writing it down.  We talked about how music reading is a skill that we have to continue to refine because our ultimate goal is to be able to pick up a piece of music and sing it independently!
After warming up our voices, we continued to work on two of our choral pieces, “Thula Klizeo,” and “We Can Plant a Forest.” The signers are making good progress on both of these pieces. We will continue to work on these pieces and be adding a few more in the weeks to come.
Thank you to those singers who completed their music theory packets and turned them in this week.  I’ll be returning them next Tuesday.  This week, singers received their music theory book! Yay! They also received a schedule of theory assignment for the rest of our time together this semester. Each week, students are should complete the 2-3 pages listed on the schedule.  The book will be turned in every few weeks (on the dates indicated) for me to grade. Please help your singer stay on top of their theory assignments!
Singers should have brought home a flier for Cantabile’s Singing Summer Camp – we’d love to have you join us for two weeks of great fun and music!! If you have any questions about the camp, please let me know.

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