Prep 3 Blog #3 Week of February 27, 2017

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Prep 3 Blog #3 Week of February 27, 2017

Prep 3 – Monday, Jazmine

It was wonderful to welcome you all back to Prep 3 this week!  

We started off our rehearsal reviewing our name game, reinforcing the difference between the steady beat and rhythm, and practicing being able to “pass the beat” without dropping it!

Then, after our minds (and hands!) were warmed up, we moved on to warming up our voices.  We used our favorite “Gimmie One” body percussion warmup, lead by our aspiring conductors, followed by “flee, flay, flaw, flow, floo” on a descending ‘sol-fa-mi-re-do’ pattern, focusing on long, tall, pure vowels.

Next we turned our focus to our partner round of “Let Us Endeavor”.  Be ready for a new round (and dance) next week!  

Then, it was time to move into our repertoire.  We had some fun identifying and singing “I Am” on it’s solfege pitches and started practicing the bridge in two parts.  To start, I sang the top line while the students sang the bottom, and then we switched.  Starting next week we will assign who will sing the top and bottom parts and begin to practice in two part harmony.

Next we reviewed the form for “Thula Klezeo“, including all of the body percussion that’s written into the score.  When you practice at home, make sure that you are following your score for when to clap and when to do the body percussion etc.  It’s not always when you think it is!

Afterward we worked on “We Can Plant A Forest” and learned m.13-m.29 (the end of the chorus).  Please review this at home as you’re able.  Next week we will finish learning and reviewing the verses, and the following week we’ll dive into the bridge.

For a much needed dance break (and in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day) we started learning a bean-bag dance to “Irish Washer Woman”.  It’s a great activity to practice beat keeping, coordination, and aural listening skills.  We will keep working on this in weeks to come, so keep practicing the movements at home.  (It will get faster as we get better at it!)

All in all it was a wonderful week full of fun and focus!  Thank you for all the ways that you support your singer, and I’m looking forward to engaging even deeper into the music next week!


Prep 3 – Tuesday, Amy

Hello Prep 3 Families! It was great singing together this week after having a week off!

We started our rehearsal learning a new folk song and dance, “Paw Paw Patch.” After singing and dancing, we were able to derive the rhythm of the song and sing it entirely on rhythm syllables.

Our music theory book is on back order, but this week, singers received a packet including the first 6 pages.  They should be completing these pages over the next two weeks.  We spent some time talking about the assignment and reviewing the material (Note names of the treble clef staff and solfege syllables).

We continued to work on the canon “This Pretty Planet“. This week we were able to sing it in two part canon – and it was really beautiful. I look forward to working more on our part-singing skills!

We started to work on two new pieces this week, “We Can Plant a Forest” and “Fly Away Horse.”

Finally, we ended our time together with a folk song and clapping game called “Four White Horses“. This fun piece includes a lot of syncopation and some more challenging rhythms.


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