Prep 3 Blog #11 Week of April 24, 2017

Prep 2 Blog #11 Week of April 24, 2017
April 28, 2017
Rehearsal #16/April 26, 2017
April 28, 2017

Prep 3 Blog #11 Week of April 24, 2017


Offsite Rehearsal THIS WEEK!

  • BOTH Monday and Tuesday classes will be meeting at Los Altos United Methodist Church (655 Magdalena Ave. in Los Altos) during their normal rehearsal times. Please see the map that was sent home this week (on paper) for where to meet.  (This is in addition to the Thursday dress rehearsal at the other offsite church First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto.)

Recitals are coming!

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

  • All Prep 3 singers will have a mandatory Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, May 4th at 4:30 pm at First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto (625 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto).
  • Release times are listed in this week’s Scoop.
  • Again, please make sure all singers are in full concert dress at the Dress Rehearsal.

All Choir Concert, We Are A Circle

  • The All Choir Concert, We Are A Circle will take place on Saturday, May 6th at 1:00 pm at First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto (625 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto).
  • Singers are called at 11:30 am that morning in full concert dress.
  • Make sure you buy your tickets!


Track Recordings! Please see the previous week’s blogs for your track recordings to practice with!


Prep 3 Monday – Jazmine

I missed you all this week!  A HUGE thank you to Ms. Amy for coming and subbing for me: she had a wonderful time with you all and said you had a very productive rehearsal!

Instead of doing our normal lesson recap, I’m going to touch on each piece (in concert order!)  with a few reminders about what to work on!

  • We Are A Circle – keep memorizing those words!  Most of you have this down, but not everyone yet.
  • I Am – Focus on creating tall, beautiful vowels, with lots of space in your mouth.  Use your hand movements that we do in warm ups to remind you of what this feels and looks like.  Also, review your lyrics to the second verse!
  • The Secret – This is coming along quite wonderfully, but it still needs more work!  Remember when you sing, vs. when the other parts sing, and make sure you’re practicing your correct harmony part.  Remember – this is your solo piece at the concert, so it’s got to be the best we have to offer!  (We will work on this a lot on Monday.)
  • We Can Plant A Forest – Again, coming along beautifully.  At the concert, everyone will sing the lower harmony, so please continue to practice the lower notes at home!
  • There Has To Be A Song – Finish memorizing those lyrics!
  • Imagine – Same as above: listen to any recording and get the song in your ears.  We will review it on Monday.


For Recitals

  • Thula – PLEASE review this this week.  We haven’t been able to go over it lately, and I do want to get to perform it for our recital.  Remember when it goes up to the high part (starting on “Mi”) and all of the different body percussion interludes.  
  • Fly Away Horse – Just like “The Secret” the trick is to remember when you sing, and when you don’t!  And keep practicing your beautiful “ooo”s in between!

I am so, so, excited to get to share all of your hardwork with your family and friends at both the All Choir Concert and your recital.  Keep up the amazing work and I’ll see you on Monday (at the other church!)

Prep 3 Tuesday – Amy

Prep 3 had a very productive rehearsal this week. We spent much of our time this week focusing on our concert and recital music. Please be sure to help your singer work on memorization this week as our performances are quickly approaching! There are several videos and recordings available (on this site and in previous week’s blog posts) to help with memorization in addition to the sheet music and lyric sheets each chorister has been provided. In particular, please work to memorize “The Secret,” “Fly Away Horse,” and “I Am.” During the first part of our class, teacher Jazmine joined us to play piano for some of our pieces! She’ll be back again next week so we can have more practice hearing the piano accompaniment and performing with a conductor. After our time with Jazmine, we worked on the canon “This Pretty Planet,” as we will be performing it in our class recital as well. MUSIC THEORY BOOKS are due next week, completed up to page 20.  They will be returned on May 9th, the day of our recital. Also, please remember that this week we have an off-site rehearsal on TUESDAY, during our regular class time and a DRESS REHEARSAL on THURSDAY.


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