Prep 3 Blog #2 Week of February 13th

Vocalise Blog #5: 2/6/2017
February 11, 2017
Prep 2 Blog #2 Week of February 13, 2017
February 18, 2017

Prep 3 Blog #2 Week of February 13th

Monday Prep 3 – Jazmine

We had another wonderful week in Prep 3!  We started off our rehearsal with a fun name game, reinforcing the difference between the steady beat and rhythm.  Then, after our minds (and hands!) were warmed up, we moved on to warming up our voices.  We used our favorite “Gimmie One” body percussion warm up, followed by “flee, flay, flaw, flow, floo” on a descending ‘sol-fa-mi-re-do’ pattern.  We focused on long, tall, pure vowels, and had fun ‘picking tall flowers’ and giving them to our friends.  

After our voices were warmed, we spent some time reviewing the C Major scale, and had several friends compose short melodies using those notes, after which we would sight sing through them, using our hand signs for each of the solfege notes.  If you have some extra time these next few weeks, try composing your own C Major melodies at home, then sing through them to see what they sound like!  We were able to identify our mystery cannon of “Let Us Endeavor” and started learning the short dance in two concentric circles that accompanies it.  We will continue to work on the cannon and the movements in the coming weeks.

Then, it was time to move into our repertoire.  We started by reviewing Thula Klezeo, and I must say I was very impressed with how much the singers retained from last week!  Way to go my friends!  This week we added in our claps (as indicated in the score), as well as our “boomm, boomm, pa”’s, and the spoken text at m.41.  Next week we’ll be diving into thetwo-partt harmonies in this song, so please review this as you’re able.

We also worked on “I Am” and again, I was delighted with how much the singers had kept in their ears and minds from last week.  This week we focused on the ‘B section’ (m.13-m.20), including the partner line (or part 2).  We also learned the words for the second verse, and reviewed the overall roadmap for the song.  When you sing this at home, make sure to create nice, tall vowels throughout the piece, and to sing it with a beautiful, pure sound to match the words. And finally, we ended our rehearsal by learning the chorus of “We Can Plant A Forest” (m.21-m.29).  We will be working on this more in the weeks to come!

Again, it has been my absolute pleasure and delight to get to know all of your singers these past two weeks, and I’m looking forward to deepening our musical journey when we come together in two weeks!  


Tuesday Prep 3 – Amy

Hello Prep 3 Families! We had a fun and productive rehearsal this week! We started off with a song and dance for Valentine’s Day called “Circle Round the Zero.”

We reviewed quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note rhythms as well as the concept of rest. The singers took turn improvising four beat patterns using these rhythms.

In the next few weeks, singers will be receiving a musicianship book, “A Young Singer’s Journey.” Each week, singers will be asked to complete a few pages at home.  This week, we started talking about the musicianship books (to be distributed soon) and reviewed the note names of the treble clef and C Major scale as well as the solfege syllables for a major scale.

We worked on a canon called “This Pretty Planet.” Please share this text with your singers:

This pretty planet, spinning through space. You’re a garden, you’re a harbor, you’re a holy place.

Golden sun going down, gentle blue giant, spin us around.

All through the night, safe til the morning light.

We continued to work on the choral piece “I Am” and worked on a two-part folk song “My Paddle.” I continue to be impressed with this groups ability to sing in two parts and hold their own!

This week, we also discussed rehearsal behavior expectations.  They are as follows:

  1. Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak or ask a question.
  2. Be an active participant.
  3. Be nice!
  4. Have fun!

I hope everyone enjoys this next week off – and I look forward to seeing you on the 28th.

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