Week of May 13/ Class # 14

Thursday May 12/Rehearsal # 18
May 13, 2016
Week of May 13/ Class # 14
May 13, 2016

Week of May 13/ Class # 14

Greetings, Prep 3 Singers!

Thank you for a great dress rehearsal tonight – it truly displayed all the hard work and progress you have made this year, and also reminded us of what must be improved before Saturday. ? Please take time to review all songs and choreography before the big concert! You will shine!!

All Choir Concert – CONCERT
Saturday, May 14 at First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto
Concert at 1 PM
Singer Call Time: 11:30 AM

Buy your All Choir Concert tickets here! 

Binders: For those of you who have not returned your binders, please bring to the concert!

Food: Please eat a hearty meal beforehand and bring a nutritious and filling snack to eat backstage!

Uniforms: Arrive wearing full concert uniform – red polo shirts tucked into black pants/skirts with black tights and ALL-BLACK shoes-no white socks or tights, please – all black! Please, no bracelets, necklaces, watches, or jewelry of any kind. Hair must be neat and away from the face.

Please note: It is our recommendation that each child should bring a book or a quiet activity to the concert, as they will be waiting in their green room during much of Act 2!

Recitals are NEXT WEEK at FCC (our usual class location) SINGERS NEED TO BE IN FULL CONCERT UNIFORM! Please arrive 5 min early to drop off dishes:

Laney’s Prep 3: Monday May 16th 5:00pm – please sign up for the potluck here .

Katie’s Prep 3: Tuesday May 17th 5:30pm – please sign up for the potluck here.

Action Items for the Next Few Days!

  • Listen to and review Give Us Hope and Come and Sing, our massed songs in the concert!
  • Refine the choreography for Seize the Day
  • Review Sarasponda, particularly the challenging 2-part harmony sections we found challenging in rehearsal last week
  • Review Kokoleoko– review the dynamics we chose and practice singing the song with these contrasts between loud and soft. Review the movements, and the lyrics! (remember, it is “Kokoleoko sister” first, then “Kokoleoko brother” next.
  • Review Hi! Ho! The Ratlin’ Bog
  • Review A Great Big Sea
  • Review and memorize The Swing, including the dynamics!
  • Review all the fun dances we are doing: Los Machetes, Pata Pata, and the Irish Jig.
  • Also review all our canons: Two New Blue Balloons, Laughing, Singing, Sweetly Sings the Donkey, and Sing and Rejoice

See you Saturday!



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