Week of March 22nd/ Class # 7

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Week of March 22nd/ Class # 7

Greetings, Prep 3 Families!

Thank you for another lovely week of rehearsing! Several singers have started memorizing their concert songs, and we are noticing leaps and bounds in the overall musicianship of the classes. As we progress through the term, we will really start to polish the songs with phrasing, dynamics, and other details, as well as work towards a beautiful, unified, and healthy sound from our singers. We will also need to work on following the conductor, and the kids will have fun taking turns leading the class next week! As I said today in class, “every note, and every phrase counts!” Please sing all your music with care and detail- and find what you love about it. Please also remember that you need to turn your musicianship books in again next week – you should have completed it through page 12.


We are continuing to work on a number of canons, which are excellent tools for learning to sing in 2 and 3-part harmony. Some of these are:

  • Two New Blue Balloons – my group sang this in solfege today, before reviewing the motions and singing in 2 part harmony!
  • Sing and Rejoice
  • Laughing, Singing – My class learned this today  – first by playing the complex rhythm on the sticks, and then learning the canon phrase by phrase, creating motions for each. They sang it in lovely 2-part harmony!
  • Sweetly Sings the Donkey
  • Let’s Put the Rooster

Have your child teach you ALL these canons and sing together in harmony with movements – extend, and see if your child can sing it for you in solfege – or clap the rhythm in canon – all these activities are so much fun, and musically enriching.

Movement and Games

We are continuing to learn new dances and games, all which highlight the different cultures from which our songs come this semester. Some of these are:

  1. Los Machetes, a Mexican stick dance.
  2. Bonjour, mes amis, a welcome partner dance set to French text
  3. Great Big House in New Orleans- my class revisited this week, then dictated the rhythm and solfege on their whiteboards  – next week, we will dictate this song in the key of C.
  4. Oats and Peas and Barley Grow, a fun circle dance!
  5. Welcome, Bienvenidos, a welcome partner dance set to Spanish text
  6. The South African dance, Pata Pata, based upon the famous song by Miriam Makeba – music attached – please dance at home -my class in particular needs some practice! 🙂
  7. The traditional Irish Jig, set to the tune of The Irish Washerwoman – music attached – please dance at home!
  8. El Capitan, a fun song and game set to Spanish text.

This week, we continued to brush up on our rhythms with our rhythm sticks and “mystery rhythms”, and we also had the opportunity to hear everyone sing beautiful solos with the fun African-American Call and Response song, The Telephone Song. We also sang some of our favorite warm-ups which the singers helped to lead, including Vocal Name ExplorationsTuning Tree,  and Mama Made Me Mash My M and Ms. I reminded the children to focus on pure, sustained vowels in all their warm-ups, and to apply this to all their songs as well.

Action Items

This weekend, please sit down with your music, and listen to the following songs:

Please remember that Kokoleoko and Sarasponda are in 2-part harmony – listen for when the parts split and to what your vocal line is doing! Sing along, and clap the rhythm of your part.

Other items:

  • Review the music and lyrics for The Swing.
  • Please always remember to bring your music binders to class each week!


  • Please complete pages 11 and 12 this week, and BRING TO CLASS FOR MARKING NEXT WEEK. Good news is, there will be no homework next week!

Summer Camp Registration is Open! 

We have three exciting weeks of summer singing camp in July, geared towards the Prep 1-3 age groups. I am excited to be leading these camps, along with our fabulous instructor, Jazmine Harnishfeger-Brand.  Please read up on the different themes and how to sign up – it will be summer of musical fun!

Dates                                    Theme                              Time

Week 1 July 11-15      Faraway Kingdoms              8:30-12:00

Week 2 July 18-22    The Magic of Opera!            8:30-12:00

Week 3 July 25-29    Carnival of the Animals      8:30-12:00

How to Register:

Through the Parks and Rec Department in Los Altos Hills Activity Guide:


Contact Phone: Sarah Gualtieri; 650-947-2518


Through the Parks and Rec department in Los Altos Activity Guide:


Contact Phone: 650-947-279

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Katie and Laney

– See more at: http://cantabile.org/week-of-march-16th-class-6/#sthash.IRgS3lJn.dpuf

Laughing, Singing

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