Week of November 6/ Rehearsal # 9

November 5th/Rehearsal #11
November 6, 2015
Week of Nov 6th/ Class # 9
November 6, 2015

Week of November 6/ Rehearsal # 9

Greetings, Prep 3 Singers!

Thank you for a focused and great week of rehearsing! We are getting so close to our upcoming performance at Holidays with Cantabile and your own class recitals, so it is important to keep up all the great work you are doing!

Trivia Question: One of our favorite activities in class at the moment is the Israeli dance, “Yesh!” What does the word “Yesh” mean in Hebrew?

News and Reminders (many this week–please read them all)


Please ensure that you have ordered your singer’s uniform –Merry Mart Uniforms tends to sell out of the Prep skirts fairly quickly. Singers will need to be in full Cantabile uniform at the Holidays with Cantabile concert and at the Prep Recitals. Please note that Prep 3 singers need to be wearing the red polo shirts with the Cantabile logo, and uniform black pants for boys, and black uniform skirts for girls, with black tights. They need to be ordered THIS WEEKEND otherwise they will not arrive on time!

Invite people to the holiday concert!

You received three postcards advertising our upcoming concert. Take them out of your folder and invite people! Think of all of the friends/family/teachers/coaches you can invite and reach out!

Everyone (excepting performers) needs a ticket. You can buy them here!

This week, continue to listen to these recordings whilst following along in your music:

Another action item:

  • Memorize “Circle ‘Round the Moon!”
  • Continue to read through the words of all your music and think about what they mean; what is the message of the song? What images do the words create for you? Please have 2-3 ideas to share next week!
  • Memorize the first half of Mi Burrito Sabanero, through measure 56 – continue studying the pronunciation with the Mi burrito sabanero proununciation, and by speaking the text in rhythm while stepping to the beat! Also focus on the little refrain “si me ven, si me ven,” when we sing in 2-part harmony. How secure does your part feel?
  • If you have not done so, memorize J’aime la galette, Seasons, and One Little Candle! Please review the French Pronunciation of J’aime la galette, and focus on measures 37-end, when you begin singing in 2-part harmony. Know your part!

 Rehearsal Overview:  All of your songs are sounding great, and we are so impressed with the level of musicianship you are achieving in such small groups. In the coming weeks, we need to switch into “performance mode,” and achieve stillness and focus before, during, and after we sing each of our songs. It is so important to find this focus in order to be fully committed to making a beautiful sound, and to ensure you are watching the conductor! Please practice in front of a mirror standing with a tall, strong posture, feeling your singers’ breath come in, and starting each of your songs with a beautiful vowel sound. How do you look? Like a performer?

We are also working on a number of different canons which will serve as a big feature in our recitals. Continue to sing through these canons and partner songs at home:

Rooster in the Stew

Ah, poor bird

Ghost of Tom

Hey Ho, Nobody Home

Sweetly the Swan Sings

One Bottle of Pop

Trivia Answer:  It can mean “There is,” “There are,” “One must,” “It is necessary to,” “One may,” “It may,”” Some,”” Sometimes,” or ” It may be that.” However, it can also mean “Got it! Did it!” This meaning is used as an exclamation following a success.

Have a great weekend!

Katie and Laney



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