Week of September 14, 2015/Class #1

Week of September 21, 2015/Class #2
September 28, 2015
Week of September 21, 2015/Class #2
September 29, 2015

Week of September 14, 2015/Class #1

Greetings, Prep 2 Families,

Jazmine (Thursday Prep 2) and I (Monday and Tuesday Prep 2) had such a lovely time making music with your children in our first Prep 2 rehearsals! I am very excited to be working with such a talented and enthusiastic group of young singers, and I know we will have a great year in Prep 2 Chorus! For those of you who are new to Cantabile, this email is the start of a weekly blog update which you will receive, in order to keep parents up to date on what we have done in rehearsal, and for parents to share with singers, so they have some points to work on during the week:

We started off with some welcome song and icebreakers, including our Rhythm Name Game, with each child playing and saying their name to the steady beat. Next week we will explore what our names look like in rhythm – ¬†names with one syllable (“Kate”) could be a quarter note and two-syllable names (“Gavin”) could be two eighth notes beamed together. What about names of colors, animals, toys, or foods? Find objects at home, and clap the rhythm of their name- – and share this with us next week!

We also explored high and low singing with our Vocal Exploration Warm-ups – practice making high and low sounds by drawing imaginary lines with your finger, and following this with your voice. What would a circle sound like? A mountain with several peaks? Or a wave-shape? Try this, and have one to share with the class next week. Also sing your Bumble Bee song at home, and make the motion of the bumble bee flying up to the top of the tree, and back down.

We also started two Concert Songs: Shake the Papaya Down and The Path to the Moon. Please look at your lyrics and music this week and review what you can remember. Particularly remember the calypso rhythm we were clapping in Shake the Papaya Down, and watch this video of the song this week!

Everyone should have gone home with a music folder, which contains all your music, and a fun double-sided music theory page. This week’s page is about the treble clef. Please work on the pages at home, watch this fun video about the Treble Clef, and bring the pages back to class, along with your folders.

Jazmine and I can’t wait to see you again next week – have a lovely weekend!



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