Week of October 9/Class #5

Week of October 9/ Class #5
October 9, 2015
October 7, 2015/Rehearsal #7
October 9, 2015

Week of October 9/Class #5

Greetings Prep 2 Families,

Many thanks from Jazmine and myself for another great week of rehearsing in Prep 2 Chorus!

Trivia Question: Next week, we will start “Here in My House,” a song about Christmas and Hanukkah. What day does Hanukkah start this year?

This week, watch and listen to our new songs:

And continue studying these songs:

Please work on the following:

  • Continue memorizing all the lyrics of Path to the Moon, practice singing it as you sway with the waves!
  • Review our circle movements for Haida, including the big CLAP on the rest! Remember to sing both A and B sections!
  • Practice all three sections ofShake the Papaya Down, especially verse 2 of  the A section:

Sweet sweet papaya, fruit of the island

When all the work’s done, dance on the white sand

If you will help me, climb up the tall tree

Shake the Papaya down!

Rehearsal Overview:

This week  we continued to explore high and low singing with our ghostly sounds as we sang the spooky song, “Skin and Bones.” We also followed high and low melodic contour with our Halloween Vocal Explorations. Have your child draw vocal lines on a big sheet of paper, which you can both follow with your finger, and singing voices to help expand the vocal range and understanding melodic motion

Continue to have your child sing our Bumble Bee Warm-up, showing the conducting motions of the bee flying up and down.

This week we spent a lot of time playing different Halloween Rhythms!! Practice these and have your child say and play rhythms of other animals too, along with the actual rhythmic syllables: TAH, TITI, TIRI-TIRI, TRI-O-LAH

Trivia Answer: Monday December 7th!

Have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Katie and Jazmine

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