Week of February 12th/ Class # 2

Week of February 12/ Class # 2
February 12, 2016
February 8, 2016/Rehearsal #6
February 20, 2016

Week of February 12th/ Class # 2

Greetings, Prep 2 Families!

Thank you for another lovely week of singing and music-making in Prep 2! It is great to see so many smiling children, singing their hearts out, and making friends in a musically-enriching environment. We all feel very fortunate to be teaching such enthusiastic children! Please remember that next week we are off for Ski Week, and will resume the week of February 22rd.  Enjoy our class blogs below, as a resource to work with your child on music and vocal development at home.

Katie (Monday and Tuesday) and Jazmine (Thursday at 5):

  • We welcomed one another and created new movements with these fun songs and partner dances: Way Down Yonder in the Brickyard and Will You Be My Valentine?
  • We again worked on our tah’s and titi’s with our Valentine’s Day Rhythm Cards! Then the children improvised new words, and identified their rhythm.
  • The children loved our new Vocal Warm-up, The Elevator Song, which allows the kids to pick items to shop for on each floor, as they sing their way up the major scale! Ask your child to teach you the song and the movements!
  • The children worked on their solfege with the solfege ladder, and identified the partner song we started last week, I Love the Mountains. They love this song and sang it beautifully in 2-part harmony!
  • We started working on one of our concert songs, Hi Ho! The Ratlin’ Bog! Please find the lyrics in your child’s folder and review at home.
  • We had a great time “napping” and “waking up” as we started the beautiful song from the British Isles, Manx Lullaby . The children enjoyed singing in Gaelic, and identifying the different birds featured in this lovely song, including the The Lapwing, and the dove.
  • We danced and sang Down the River
  • We reviewed our beautiful song based upon a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, This Shall Be For Music
  • Just a reminder that each week your child will go home with his/her folder containing sheet music and a new theory page. They should bring their folders and homework to class each week. Please be sure your child works on the theory page at home, as we will go over it together each week, with the help of our xylophones!

Emily’s Class (Thursday at 3:45):

I welcomed the children with Funga Alafia, a song of welcome from Nigeria.  Enjoy this  youtube video of this song, sung by Nana Malaya, where she tells a story teaches some dance moves to go with it.

During our warm ups, we played with using our high voices and our lower voices, sang some traditional warm up exercises, and practiced following a leader.  Each child lead had a chance to lead the group in sausage sizzling, and then they followed me as I conducted a song they know (We are dancing in the forest).  They did a great job following my lead in starting, stopping and changing tempo.

We did a circle dance with the song I let her go-go, which comes from Trinidad and Tobago, and then the children used rhythm sticks to tap out the rhythms of their names.

Using those same sticks, the children tapped the rhythm of the chant, 2,4,6,8 Meet me at the garden gate, which we learned last week.  We took turns keeping a steady beat on a drum while the others did the rhythm on the sticks.  They listened for the number of sounds they heard on each beat, and learned that when you have one sound per beat, we call that Ta, and when there are 2 sounds per beat we call it Titi.  They learned the stick notation for ta and titi on the board, and were able to read rhythms that I wrote down for them.

We played the game Doggie, Doggie Where’s Your Bone, where each child gets to be the dog in the center and sing by her/himself in a call and response fashion.  I loved hearing each child’s beautiful voice!  Using the beginning of that song, the children remembered the 2 pitches we heard last week, one higher and one lower, and learned that we call them So and Mi, and that each one has a hand sign.  They were quickly able to identify So and Mi in a new song, and write the solfege name on the board.  Finally, they learned about the musical staff, the treble clef, and how to write So and Mi in different staff placements.  We will be learning more Solfege, handsigns, and reading and writing on the staff throughout the semester.  There is a worksheet in their folders based on So and Mi. Your child might enjoy doing this worksheet to reinforce their skills.

We then reviewed Manx Lullaby, the recital song we learned last week.

We learned the fun cumulative song Ratlin Bog, which will also be performed as part of the Spring Concert!

We look forward to seeing the children after Ski Week Break! Enjoy your holiday!

Katie, Jazmine, and Emily


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