Week of April 1st/ Class # 8

Week of March 31st/ Class #8
April 1, 2016
April 4, 2016/Rehearsal #25
April 7, 2016

Week of April 1st/ Class # 8

From Katie (Monday and Tuesday) and Jazmine (Thursday 5:00):

  • We welcomed one another with one of our favorite partner dances from Trinidad and Tobago, I Let Her Go-Go. Have your child teach you this dance and increase the tempo (speed) as you go!
  • The children took turns leading us in various vocal warm-ups, including Scarf Sounds, Tuning Tree, and Bumble Bee.
  • We learned a fun and silly new canon called Where Is John? The children created motions for each phrase and were able to sing it in 2-part harmony quite quickly. See below, and have your child teach you the song and the motions!
  • We reviewed some key parts of This Shall Be For Music in solfege. We also studied the last page and discovered there are half notes in places we had not seen before, so we counted them out and practiced the section until it felt solid. Have your child practice the last page at home and review the whole song – the children should have this memorized soon!
  • The children did a lovely job singing, and expressing the calm and tranquility in Manx Lullaby. It is mostly memorized but still requires some review at home!
  • We also reviewed Hi! Ho! The Ratlin’ Bog, which is sounding great and almost memorized! The children are largely working on using their singing voices throughout the song, as it goes so quickly, and has so many words, that it is easy to switch into more of a speaking (or shouting voice). I encourage the kids to engage their attic voice for this song, and to not worry about being “loud enough.” The beauty of their singing voices will carry just fine!
  • We brought back one of our favorite circle singing games, Bluebird!
  • We revisited Apple Tree on the staff, and sang it in both solfege and note names. Then the children played the song on the xylophones. They then split into two parts, with half the room playing a simple bordun while the other half played the melody. This is great reinforcement for the songs we are singing in 2-part harmony! Next week we will again work with the pentatonic scale with both our singing voices, and the xylophones.
  • This week the children should also review Kokoleoko and A Great Big Sea!

From Emily (Thursday 3:45):

We started our class by singing our names in Hickety Tickety Bumble Bee, followed by a bumble bee warm up.  For our final warm ups, each child drew a line on the board for us to follow with our voices.  The children’s lines were very intricate and encouraged a lot of creative vocal exploration!
We sang the song Kokoleoko from Liberia, that we will be singing in our concert in May.  Here is a great video of a local group of kids singing the same arrangement.  Please have your child watch this and listen so he or she can get more familiar with it.
Keeping up with our rooster and chicken theme, we sang and danced to Dance Josey, which contains 16th notes.  They had a great time swinging each other to each verse, and then made up some of their own!
We sang another concert song:  A Great Big Sea, and the children were showing me how much they knew of the song already.  They are doing well with the funny words and rhythms.  We learned a new verse today, so they are getting close to knowing the whole song.
I taught the kids the game Sailor, Sailor on the Sea, which is always a favorite! The kids were able to identify the notes in the song and place them on the tone ladder.  The kids then added the other notes they know, and remembered that we now have 5 notes to make a pentatonic scale.  They used their inner hearing to remember 2 bar phrases, and sing them back.  We built our next song Let us Chase the Squirrel that way, and then we played a lively game of follow the leader while singing that song.
We finished our lesson with a lively round of Ratlin’ Bog while keeping the beat with percussion instruments.
We had a great time and I look forward to seeing the children next week!

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