Emily’s Prep 2 Rehearsal Blog for October 25, 2018

Prep 1 Rehearsal Blog for October 25, 2018
October 26, 2018
Vocalise Rehearsal #8 – 10/22 & 10/25/2018
October 27, 2018

Emily’s Prep 2 Rehearsal Blog for October 25, 2018

Dear Prep 2 Parents,

Because your children are learning so quickly this year, I am getting them ready to learn some more advanced concepts in rhythm and melody.  This week we learned about quarter rests, although it was clear than many of them already knew this. 

A reminder:  next week’s class falls on the day after Halloween, and the children are invited to wear their costumes if they would like to share.

As always, we began with our warm-ups, followed by our theme song Today’s the Time for Singing.  We learned the rest of the descant part today.  Eventually we will divide into groups and sing them at the same time. 

We played the game Bow Wow Wow, and we listened for the beat with no sound, i.e., the rest.  The children then derived the rhythm of the song and we wrote it on the board.

We listened for the rest in Pease Porridge Hot, and then we derived the melody of the song.  We put the notes on the tone ladder.

We read a new song from the board:  I See the Moon.

 We sang the beautiful Native American lullaby Owlet, and we derived the melody.  This song contains only the notes that we know well (sol, mi, la, do), but they are arranged in unexpected ways.  They did a wonderful job of figuring it out.

We played the game John Kanaka, which prepares the children to learn about 16th notes.

We sang Have You Seen the Ghost of Tom, a halloween round.

We sang S’vivon and Shanandoah, 2 recital songs.  Here is a link to S’Vivon.

Lyrics and Translation for S’Vivon

S’Vivon, Sov, sov, sov (Dreidl, spin spin spin)

Chanukah, hu chag tov (Chanukah is a wonderful holiday!)

Chanukah, hu chag tov

S’vivon, Sov, sov, sov


Chag simcha, hu la am (a joyous holiday for the nation)

Nes gadol ha ya sham (a great miracle happened there)

Nes gadol ha ya sham

Chag simcha, hu la am


S’Vivon, Sov, sov, sov

Chanukah, hu chag tov

Chanukah, hu chag tov

S’vivon, Sov, sov, sov


We ended our class with Old Roger is Dead, and fun game for this time of year.

I am sorry that I had to leave and get water at the end! I was completely okay, so please reassure your children if they are worried.

We will also be singing the song Piglet’s Christmas for the recital.  I have had some glitches with getting the music.  The children have learned the first verse, and it would be very helpful if they watched this video of another children’s choir singing this song.

Thank you and I’ll see you next week!


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