Emily’s Prep 2 Blog for October 18, 2018

Prep 1 Blog for October 18, 2018
October 23, 2018
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October 26, 2018

Emily’s Prep 2 Blog for October 18, 2018

Dear Prep 2 Families,

I continue to enjoy the strong singing skills in this class! This week, we reinforced our knowledge of Sol-Mi-La and Do.

After our warm ups, we sang out theme song, To-day’s the Time for Singing.  In addition, we reviewed the descant for the beginning of the second verse. 

We played a game we love, We are Dancing in the Forest, and we reviewed sol-mi and la.  We put the notes on the tone ladder, and then sang some things from the tone ladder.

We added Do to our tone ladder, and sang and played Pease Porridge Hot. 

To reinforce our knowledge of do, we read the song Mouse, Mousie from the staff. 

We learned the game Draw Me a Bucket of Water, which i think they really enjoyed!

I taught the children a stick-passing game from Mexico called Al Citron.  A very challenging game, and they will definitely get better at it over time.

We learned the Halloween round Have You Seen the Ghost of Tom.

We sang S’vivon and Shanandoah.

We learned the dance Old Brass Wagon, which, for them, is a relatively challenging dance involving swinging, do si do and promenade.  They did great!

Thanks and I’ll see you next week!


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